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Cheltenham Gold Cup Winners 1976-1995
GDS Cards - 2000

Note:  Cards are approximately 3.1" x 2.5", and were intended for sale as
a complete set, not as product inserts.  Thanks to Murray Cards for the original checklist!

 Year   Steed

 1976   Royal Frolic
 1977   Davy Lad
 1978   Midnight Court
 1979   Alverton
 1980   Master Smudge
 1981   Little Owl
 1982   Silver Buck
 1983   Bregawn
 1984   Burrough Hill Lad
 1985   Forgive 'N' Forget
 1986   Dawn Run
 1987   The Thinker
 1988   Charter Party
 1989   Desert Orchid
 1990   Norton's Coin
 1991   Garrison Savannah
 1992   Cool Ground
 1993   Jodami
 1994   The Fellow
 1995   Master Oats

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