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Dickens' Gallery
Cope's Cigarettes - 1900
    Reprinted 1989 - Nostalgia Reprints

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  The set was issued in
two varieties, with a checklist back (also for the reprint) or with a "Solace"
back. Card fronts feature depictions of the characters and a snippet of
Dickens text appropriate for the character.

No.   Character               Caption Text

  1   Matthew Bagnet          It's my old girl that advises, But I never own to
  2   Major Joseph Bagstock   Josh has his weather-eye open, Sir. You'll find hi
  3   Bailey, Junior          There was an old principle within him, and a young
  4   Tite Barnacle           Mr. Tite Barnacle usually coached or crammed the s
  5   Doctor Blimber          Can anybody indicate any subject, in any direction
  6   Jefferson Brick         My War Correspondent, Sir, Mr. Jefferson Brick. Yo
  7   Inspector Bucket        My name's Inspector Bucket of the Detective, and I
  8   Mr. Bumble              Mr. Limbkins, I beg your pardon, Sir! Oliver Twist
  9   Serjeant Buzfuz         Gentelemen, is the happiness of a sensitive and co
 10   Christopher Casby       An invitation to rest and be thankful, when there
 11   Rev. Mr. Chadband       My friends, what is this spread before us? Refresh
 12   The Game Chicken        I'm to be heerd on at the bar of the Little Heleph
 13   Tom Codlin              Short's very well as far as he goes, but the real
 14   Captain Edw'd Cuttle    Cap'en Cuttle is my name, and England is my nation
 15   The Artful Dodger       Hullo, my covey! What's the row? I suppose you don
 16   Fagin                   Dead men never repent, dead men never bring awkwar
 17   Thomas Gradgrind        In this life we want nothing but Facts, Sir, nothi
 18   Grip (The Raven)        I'm a devil, I'm a devil, I'm a devil. Hurrah. Pol
 19   William Guppy           Us London lawyers don't often get an out; and when
 20   Uriah Heep              My father is a partaker of glory at present, Maste
 21   The fat Boy Joe         Now, Joe, the fowls. Damn that boy; he's gone to s
 22   Alfred Mantalini        Step this way, Nickleby; my dear, will you follow
 23   Dr. Marigold            Two shillings, a shilling, tenpence, eightpence, s
 24   William Micawber        My advice is, never to to-morrow what you can to-d
 25   Newman Noggs            Perhaps, my dear, Mr. Noggs would like to drink ou
 26   Seth Pecksniff          There is no deception, ladies and gentlemen, all i
 27   Daniel Peggotty         Mr. Peggotty dealt in lobsters, crabs and crawfish
 28   Samuel Pickwick         His own observations had been merely intended to b
 29   Tom Pinch               A pretty church, is it not? There's the sweetest l
 30   John Podsnap            I don't want to know about it; I don't choose to d
 31   Hon. Elijah Pogram      When Congress is recessed, he makes himself acquai
 32   Daniel Quilp            If I could poison that dear old lady's rum and wat
 33   Barnaby Rudge           Speed! If you want to see hurry and mystery, come
 34   Bob Sawyer              He eschewed gloves, and looked, upon the whole, so
 35   Short Trotters          Would you care a ha'penny for the Lord Chancellor
 36   Bill Sikes              Why! what the blazes is in the wind now? Who pitch
 37   Harold Skimpole         I can't do it, you know, for I never have any mone
 38   Wackford Squeers        Let any boy speak a word without leave and I'll ta
 39   Rev. Mr. Stiggins       This here red-nosed man, Sammy, wisits your mother
 40   Paul Sweedlepipe        When he stood at his shop-door, with his eye cocke
 41   Dick Swiveller          So long as the fire of soul is kindled at the tape
 42   Mark Tapley             Any man may be in good spirits and good temper whe
 43   Montague Tigg           He was very dirty, and very jaunty; very bold and
 44   Thomas Traddles         He was very honourable, Traddles was, and held it
 45   Mr. Turveydrop          He was not like youth, he was not like age, he was
 46   Toby Veck               A meek, small, spare, old man, he was a very Hercu
 47   Silas Wegg              Now, what'll you read on? thank you, Sir, I genera
 48   Samuel Weller           If my mother-in-law breaks his pipe, he steps out
 49   Tony Weller             The gout, Sir, just you marry a widder as has got
 50   Charles Dickens         There is not an angel added to the Host of Heaven

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