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Jet Aircraft of the World
   Sunmecta Glucose Drink (R. L. Jones & Co.) - 1956

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title                                Description

  1   English Electric 'Canberra' B-8      2-seat long-range night interdictor
  2   De Havilland DH-110                  Two-seat all-weather fighter
  3   Convair F-102A                       Single-seat all-weather fighter
  4   Vickers 'Valiant' B-1                Medium bomber
  5   IL-28 'Beagle'                       3-seat light bomber
  6   Northrop F-89D 'Scorpion'            2-seat long-range all-weather fighter
  7   Arvo Canada CF-100 Mk. 4             2-seat all-weather fighter
  8   English Electric P-1                 Single-seat supersonic interceptor
  9   North American F-100A 'Super Sabre'  Single-seat fighter
 10   Yak-25 'Flashlight'                  2-seat all-weather fighter
 11   Douglas A3D-1 'Skywarrior'           Carrier-borne strike aircraft
 12   McDonnell F-101A 'Voodoo'            Single-seat long-range escort fighter
 13   Boeing B-47E Stratojet               Medium bomber
 14   Mig-19 'Farmer'                      Single-seat fighter
 15   Vickers Supermarine 'Swift'          Single-seat fighter-reconnaissance aircraft
 16   Nord 1502 'Griffon'                  Interceptor fighter
 17   Lockheed F-104A 'Starfighter'        Single-seat fighter
 18   Hawker 'Hunter'                      Interceptor fighter
 19   Avro 'Vulcan' B-1                    Medium bomber
 20   Martin P6M-1 'Seamaster'             Long range strike flying boat
 21   Handley Page 'Victor' B-1            Medium bomber
 22   Gloster 'Javelin'                    All-weather fighter
 23   Chance Vought FBU-1 'Crusader'       Carrier-borne single seat fighter
 24   Dassault Super-Mystère 4B1           Single-seat fighter

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