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   Sportsman Natural Light - 2000?

Notes: Cards are approximately 2" x 2-3/4".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text in English and French.

No.   Title                     Species

  1   Caribou                   Rangifer Tarandus
  2   Whitetail Deer            Odocoileus virginianus
  3   Timber Wolf               Canis Lupis
  4   Canadian Lynx             Lynx canadensis
  5   Prong-Horned Antelope     Antilocapra Americana
  6   Polar Bear                Thalarctos Maritimus
  7   Cougar - Puma - Panther   Felis Concolor
  8   Bighorn Sheep             Ovis Canadensis
  9   Mountain Goat             Oreamos Americanus
 10   Musk Ox                   Ovilos Moschatus
 11   Coyote                    Canis latrans
 12   Bison (Buffalo)           Bison bison
 13   Grizzly Bear              Ursus Arctos Horribilis
 14   Moose                     Alces Alces
 15   Elk (Wapiti)              Cervus Canadensisi

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