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Cricketer Series 1901 (Plain Backs)
Cricketer Series 1901 (Vignettes)
   Wills's Cigarettes - 1901

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8" and were issued in two varieties: 
with plain backs, or with printed Vignettes.

No.   Player                     Club

  1   Mr. A. E. Stoddart         Middlesex
  2   D. Denton                  Yorkshire
  3   J. Briggs                  Lancashire
  4   T. Hayward                 Surrey
  5   A. Trott                   Middlesex
  6   G. H. Hirst                Yorkshire
  7   J. T. Hearne               Middlesex
  8   Mr. G. Macregor            Midelesex
  9   Mr. F. S. Jackson          Yorkshire
 10   A. A. Lilley               Warwickshire
 11   Mr. C. E. de Trafford      Leicestershire
 12   Mr. L. G. Wright           Derbyshire
 13   Mr. C. J. Kortwright       Essex
 14   Mr. C. B. Fry              Sussex
 15   A. Ward                    Lancashire
 16   W. G. Quaife               Warwickshire
 17   Mr. H. G. Owen             Essex
 18   Captain Wynyard            Hampshire
 19   Mr. G. L. Jessop           Gloucestershire
 20   T. Richardson              Surrey
 21   Mr. K. S. Ranjitsinhji     Sussex
 22   J. T. Brown, Senr          Yorkshire
 23   R. Abel                    Surrey
 24   J. Board                   Gloucestershire
 25   H. Carpenter               Essex
 26   W. H. Lockwood             Surrey
 27   W. R. Cuttell              Lancashire
 28   Mr. D. L. A. Jephson       Surrey
 29   Dr. W. G. Grace            London County C.C.
 30   Mr. A. O. Jones            Nottinghamshire
 31   W. Storer                  Derbyshire
 32   Mr. C. J. Burnup           Kent
 33   Mr. S. M. J. Woods         Sommersetshire
 34   Mr. W. M. Bradley          Kent
 35   Mr. R. E. Foster           Worcestershire
 36   Mr. J. R. Mason            Kent
 37   Mr. C. Townsend            Gloucestershire
 38   W. Rhodes                  Yorkshire
 39   W. Brockwell               Surrey
 40   Major Poore                Hampshire
 41   Lord Hawke                 Yorkshire
 42   Mr. A. McLaren             Lancashire
 43   W. Mead                    Essex
 44   A. Mold                    Lancashire
 45   Mr. P. F. Warner           Middlesex
 46   J. T. Tyldesley            Lancashire
 47   Mr. C. McGahey             Essex
 48   Mr. H. K. Foster           Worcestershire
 49   A. Shrewsbury              Nottinghamshire
 50   Mr. T. L. Taylor           Cambridge University & Yorkshire

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