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The South African Series (101-150)
   Gallaher, Ltd. - 1901
   Reprinted 2000 - Card Promotions

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature advertising text.

No.   Title

101   Field Marshal Lord Roberts V.C.
102   Major-General J. Talbot Coke, 11th Brigade, Sixth Division
103   Lieut. C.F. Dixon Johnson 6th Inniskilling Drgns.
104   Major Earl Waldegrave, V.D., London Rifle Brigade
105   Captain H.L. Taggart, 15th Hussars Brigade
106   Captain J.S. Gayzer, 7th Dragoon Guards
107   Major E.W. Dashwood, Northumb. Fusiliers
108   Lieut. Colonel St. John Gore, 5th Dragoon Guards, Ladysmith
109   Field Marshal Lord Wolseley
110   General Sir Redvers Buller, V.C. etc.
111   Major-General Lord Kitchener, K.C.B. etc.
112   General Lord Methuen, C.B.C.M.G.
113   General Sir George White, V.C. etc.
114   Lieut. General Sir. Chas. Warren
115   Major-General Hector MacDonald, A.D.C.
116   Major-General W.F. Gatacre, C.B. etc.
117   Major-General J.D.P. French
118   Captain A.A. Wolfe-Murray, Highland Light Infantry
119   The Late Colonel Dick-Cunyngham, V.C., 2nd Battn. Gordon Highlanders
120   The Late Captain Stewart, Lanc. Fusiliers
121   Major-General J.M. Babington
122   Major-General Pole-Carew
123   Lieut. Colonel Broadwood, 12th Lancers
124   Colonel F.W. Kitchener, 2nd Batt. West Yorkshire Regiment
125   Col. Porter, 6th Dragoon Guards
126   The Late Colonel O.C. Hannay, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
127   Major-General F.R. Wingate, C.B., D.S.O.
128   Major-General Sir C.F. Clery, C.B. etc.
129   Colonel E.R.P. Woodgate, C.B.C.M.G.
130   Major-General H.J.T. Hildyard, C.B.
131   Major-General T. Kelly-Kenney, C.B.
132   Major E.C. Bethune, 16th Lancers
133   The Late Lieut. Colonel Keith-Falconer, Northumberland Fusiliers
134   Colonel E.C. Knox, 18th Hussars
135   Lieut-Colonel T.D. Pilcher, The Colonials at Sunny Side
136   Colonel J.P. Brabazon, 2nd Cavalry Brigade, S.A.
137   The Late Lieut-Colonel Eacar, R. Irish Rifles
138   Trumpeter Shurlock, 5th Irish Lancers
139   Colonel R.S.S. Baden Powell
140   Lieut-General Forestier-Walker
141   The Late Sir W.P. Symons, K.C.B.
142   The Late Captain C. Walter, Scottish Rifles
143   The Late Lieut. Hon. F.H. Roberts, Kings Royal Rifles, V.C.
144   Major-General G.H. Marshall
145   Captain C.F. Cox, New South Wales Lancers
146   The Late Lieut. Monro, 2nd Gordon Hlrs.
147   Colonel The Earl of Dundonald, C.B.M.V.D., 2nd Life Guards
148   Bugler Dunne, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
149   Lieut. Collis, 6th Org. Guards, (Carabiniers)
150   Major-General Sir F. Carrington, K.C.B.

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