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British Vans of the 1950s
Golden Era - 2002

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2.4" x 3.1", and were intended for sale as a
complete set, not as product inserts.  Thanks to The Card Cellar for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Ian Anthony Balding, LVO
  2   Clive Edward Brittain
  3   Henry Richard Amherst Cecil
  4   Luca Matteo Cumani
  5   John Leeper Dunlop, OBE
  6   David Raymond Cecil Elsworth
  7   James Gerard Fitzgerald
  8   Joshua Thomas Gifford, MBE
  9   John H. Gosden
 10   Nicholas John Henderson
 11   Barrington William Hills
 12   Mark Steven Johnston, BVMS, MRCVS
 13   Miss Henrietta Catherine Knight, BED
 14   David Nicholson
 15   Aidan O'Brien
 16   Martin Charles Pipe, CBE
 17   Sir Mark Prescott, BT
 18   Gordon W. Richards
 19   Sir Michael Ronald Stoute
 20   MArk Harding Tompkins

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