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Music Hall Stage Characters
Salmon & Gluckstein Ltd - 1902
    Reprinted 2002 - Nostalgia Reprints

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-1/2" x 2-3/4".  Thanks to The Card Cellar
for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Mr. Harry Randall
  2   Miss Lottie Collins
  3   Mr. Tom Leamore
  4   Miss Vesta Victoria
  5   Mr. Joe Elvin
  6   Miss Billee Barlow
  7   Mr. Edgar Granville
  8   Miss Vesta Tilley
  9   Mr. Fred Russell
 10   Miss Xate Carney
 11   Mr. Frank Lawton
 12   Miss Alexandra Dagmar
 13   Mr. Eugene Stratton
 14   Miss Lil. Hawthorne
 15   Mr T. E. Dunville
 16   Miss Amy Russell
 17   Mr. George Robey
 18   Miss Alice Maydue
 19   Mr. R. G. Xnowles
 20   Miss Lilly Harold
 21   Mr. Bransby Williams
 22   Miss Katie Seymour
 23   Mr. A. C. Lilly
 24   La Belle Tortajada
 25   Little Tich
 26   Miss Daisy James
 27   Mr. Gus Elen
 28   Miss Fannie Leslie
 29   Miss Kittee Rayburn
 30   Miss Marie Loftus

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