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Butterflies & Moths
  John Player & Sons - 1904
  Reprinted 2000 - Card Collectors Society

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the
original checklist!

No.   Title                                     Classification

  1   Goat Moth                                 Trypanus cossus
  2   Common Dagger Moth                        Acronycta psi
  3   Pine Hawk-Moth                            Hyloicus pinastri
  4   An Australian Moth                        Danima banksiœ
  5   Lackey Moth                               Clisiocampa neustria
  6   Death's-head Hawk-Moth                    Manduca atropos
  7   Pale Tussock Moth                         Orgyia pudibunda
  8   Common Tiger Moth                         Chelonia caja
  9   Puss Moth                                 Dicranura vinula
 10   Poplar Hawk-Moth                          Smerinthus populi
 11   Gipsy Moth                                Porthetria dispar
 12   Oleander Hawk-Moth                        Daphnis nerii
 13   Red Admiral                               Pyrameis atalanta
 14   A Mexican Moth                            Syssisphinx molina
 15   Large White Butterfly                     Pieris brassicœ
 16   Spurge Hawk-Moth                          Dilephila euphorbiœ
 17   Large Tortoise-shell                      Vanessa polychlorus
 18   Apollo Butterfly                          Parnassius apollo
 19   Swallow-tail Butterfly                    Papilio machaon
 20   Privet Hawk-Moth                          Sphinx ligustri
 21   Purple Emperor                            Apatura iris
 22   Peacock Butterfly                         Vanessa io
 23   Brimstone Butterfly                       Rhodocera rhammi
 24   Silver-washed Fritillary                  Argynnis paphia
 25   Lime Hawk-Moth                            Smerinthus tiliœ
 26   Brimstone Moth                            Rumia cratœgata
 27   Black Arches Moth                         Lymantria monacha
 28   Bee Hawk-Moth                             Macroglossa fuciformes
 29   Pine Beauty Moth                          Trachea piniperda
 30   Scarlet Tiger Moth                        Callimorpha dominula
 31   Elephant Hawk-Moth                        Chœorocampa elpenor
 32   Broad-bordered five-spot Burnet           Zygœna trifolii
 33   Buff-Tip Moth                             Pygœra bucephala
 34   Vine Hawk-Moth                            Hippotion celerio
 35   Spotted Tiger Moth                        Arctia purpurata
 36   Magpie Moth                               Spilote grossulariata
 37   Camberwell Beauty Butterfly               Vanessa antiopa
 38   Small Tortoise-shell                      Vanessa urticœ
 39   Lappet Moth                               Gastropacha quercifolia
 40   Great Peacock Moth                        Saturnia pavonia-major
 41   Eyed Hawk-Moth                            Smerinthus ocellatus
 42   Humming Bird Hawk-Moth                    Macroglossa stellatarum
 43   Comma Butterfly                           Polygonia c-album
 44   Gold-Tail Moth                            Euproctis chrysorrhœa
 45   Tau Emperor Moth                          Aglia tau
 46   Clifden Nonpareil or Blue Underwing Moth  Catocala fraxinbi
 47   Burnished Brass Moth                      Plusia chrysitis
 48   Emperor Moth                              Saturnia pavonia-minor
 49   Jersey Tiger Moth                         Euplagia quadripunctaria
 50   Drinker Moth                              Philhydoria potatoria

©2001, 2002, 2003 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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