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Australian Club Cricketers
   Wills Capstan Cigarettes (Australia) - 1905

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text. They were issued in Australia 
in several different configurations: "Green  Back" - "Blue Back, No State" - 
"Blue Back, with State" amd "Blue Back, Brown Frame Line". The last of 
these varieties was expanded to 46 cards, but the extra 6 names are not 
available at this time.

     Player              State

     A. Cotter           Glebe
     A. J. Hopkins       North Sydney
     A. Johnston         Burwood
     A. McBeth           Sydney
     B. F. Cowan         West Adelaide
     C. B. Jennings      North Adelaide
     C. Hill             East Torrens
     C. McLeod           Melbourne
     D. R. A. Gehrs      Port Adelaide
     E. F. Waddy         University
     E. Grant            Richmond
     F. Collins          East Melbourne
     F. T. Hack          Sturt
     G. Giffen           West Adelaide
     G. H. Trott         Carlton
     G. L. Garnsey       Burwood
     H. Carter           Waverley
     J. C. Reedman       North Adelaide
     J. Darling          Sturt
     J. F. Travers       East Adelaide
     J. Giller           South Melbourne
     J. H. Fellew        North Adelaide
     J. J. Kelly         Paddington
     J. R. Mackay        Burwood
     J. V. Saunders      Carlton
     L. O. Poidevin      Redfern
     L. W. Pye           Central Cumberland
     M. A. Noble         Paddington
     N. Claxton          North Adelaide
     P. M. Newland       East Torrens
     P. McAlister        East Melbourne
     P. N. Coombe        West Torrens
     R. A. Duff          North Sydney
     S. E. Gregory       Waverley
     V. Ransford         Melbourne
     V. Trumper          Paddington
     W. Bruce            Melbourne
     W. Carlton          North Melbourne
     W. P. Howell        Central Cumberland
     W. W. Armstrong     Melbourne

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