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Riders of the World
   Wills's Cigarettes - 1905
   Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes - 1905
   Reprinted 1981: Newton Abbot

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and were issued with at least  
three brand-marking variations: Wills and Havelock, then Player's. They were 
reproduced in 1981 together with four other series of cigarette cards, with an 
album "Travel and Transport." Thanks much to John Rand for the original list 
and to Pieter van der Zwaart for the reprint information!

No.   Title

  1   The Polo Player
  2   The Huntsman
  3   Ceylon Planter
  4   Australian Settler
  5   Mounted Police
  6   Royal Irish Constabulary
  7   The Highwayman
  8   The Crusader
  9   Herald Trumpeter
 10   Tent Pegging
 11   Bengal Lancers
 12   Gendarme a Cheval
 13   Spanish Muleteer
 14   A Boer Farmer
 15   The Basuto
 16   Mexican Cowboy
 17   The Cowboy
 18   The Bushranger
 19   A Spahi from Algeria
 20   Bedouin Arab
 21   Somali Horseman
 22   Chinese Mandarin
 23   Circassian Brigand
 24   A Tartar Chief
 25   The Cossack
 26   The English Horsewoman
 27   Royal Postillion
 28   Knight in Armour
 29   The Cavalier
 30   Young England
 31   The Circus Rider
 32   The Jockey
 33   Canadian Mounted Police
 34   Despatch Rider
 35   Jack Ashore
 36   Sailor
 37   Pig Sticking
 38   The Mahout in India, Indian Rajah
 39   Afghan Chief
 40   Boxer Chief
 41   Mongolian Postman
 42   Egyptian on Camel
 43   Suez Donkey Boy
 44   Turkoman
 45   Persian Shah
 46   A Kirghiz Bride
 47   The Bashi-Bazouk
 48   Red Indian
 49   The Llanero from Venezuela
 50   The Patagonian Indian

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