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Borough Arms
Wills's Cigarettes - 1903, 1904, 1906

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". The series was issued in four 
varieties: in 1903, with a "scroll back" design, both numbered and unnumbered; 
in 1904, with descriptive text on the back; and in 1906 as a "Second Edition." 
This checklist is validated against the 1906 Second Edition. Three other series 
covering cards numbered 51-200 were produced in 1904-1906. Thanks much 
to John Rand for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Inverness (Town Arms)
  2   Bath (City Arms)
  3   Cambridge (Town Arms)
  4   Plymouth (Town Arms)
  5   Glasgow (City Arms)
  6   Bristol (City Arms)
  7   Leeds (City Arms)
  8   Newport (Borough Arms)
  9   Coventry (City Arms)
 10   Leicester (Town Arms)
 11   Cheltenham (Borough Arms)
 12   Manchester (City Arms)
 13   Chester (City Arms)
 14   Birmingham (City Arms)
 15   Ipswich (Borough Arms)
 16   Kensington (Borough Arms)
 17   Dublin (City Arms)
 18   Waterford (City Arms)
 19   Bournemouth (Borough Arms)
 20   Nottingham (City Arms)
 21   Derby (Borough Arms)
 22   Limerick (City Arms)
 23   London (City Arms)
 24   York (City Arms)
 25   Londonderry (City Arms)
 26   Exeter (City Arms)
 27   Belfast (City Arms)
 28   Newcastle-on-tyne (Town Arms)
 29   Hereford (City Arms)
 30   Edinburgh (City Arms)
 31   Sheffield (City Arms)
 32   Liverpool (City Arms)
 33   Hull (Town Arms)
 34   Arms of London University
 35   Arms of Edinburgh University
 36   Leith (Borough Arms)
 37   Aberdeen (City Arms)
 38   Dundee (City Arms)
 39   Gloucester (City Arms)
 40   Arms of Cambridge University
 41   Grimsby (Borough Arms)
 42   Oxford (City Arms)
 43   Cork (City Arms)
 44   Preston (Town Arms)
 45   Norwich (City Arms)
 46   Portsmouth (Town Arms)
 47   Arms of Dublin University
 48   Ryde (Borough Arms)
 49   Cardiff (Borough Arms)
 50   Salford (Town Arms)

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©2006 John Rand, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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