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Cricketers (small S)
Wills's Cigarettes  - 1908

Notes:  This set is distinguished from the "large S" set of the same title and year, 
which covers only the first 25 cards, by the lesser capitalization of the company 
name ("WILLS's" instead of "WILLS'S"). Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". 
Thanks much to  John Rand for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   The Hon. F.S. Jackson
  2   Mr. P.F. Warner 
  3   Mr. C.P. McGahey
  4   Mr. A.C. Maclaren
  5   L.C. Braund 
  6   J. Humphries
  7   A.R. Warren
  8   A. Fielder
  9   Mr. C.J.B. Mood
 10   F.A. Tarrant
 11   S. Santall
 12   David Hunter
 13   John  Gunn
 14   J.H. Board
 15   Lord Hawke
 16   George H. Hirst
 17   Mr. G.N. Foster
 18   T. Wass
 19   Mr. E.M. Sprot
 20   Mr. G.L. Jessop
 21   A.A. Lilley
 22   J. Sharp
 23   Mr. K.L. Hutchings
 24   C. Blythe
 25   G. Dennett  
 26   Mr. L.G. Wright
 27   A.E. Lewis
 28   E. Arnold
 29   Mr. R.E. Foster
 30   W. East
 31   G.J. Thompson
 32   J.B. Hobbs
 33   J. Hardstaff
 34   Wilfred Rhodes
 35   Mr. J.N. Crawford
 36   Albert W. Hallam
 37   G. Gunn
 39   S.F. Barnes
 39   Mr. A.O. Jones
 40   Mr. C.H.B. Marsham
 41   Mr. F.L. Fane
 42   J.T. Tyldesley
 43   A.E. Relf
 44   A. Stone
 45   Mr. Percy A. Perrin
 46   T. Hayward
 47   Mr. H.K. Foster
 48   Mr. C.B. Fry
 49   E.G. Hayes
 50   G. Cox

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©2008 John Rand, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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