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Records of the World
Ogden's Cigarettes - 1908

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks to Maple Leaf
Collectibles for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   The Record Motor Run - Record Making at Brooklands
  2   The Oldest Inn in Great Britain - Seven Stars,Manchester
  3   The Largest Sailing Ship Afloat - Clipper "R.C.Rickmers"
  4   The Most Beautiful Building in the World - Taj Mahal,Agra
  5   The Largest Resevoir in Great Britain - VyrnwyResevoir
  6   The Longest Motor Run: Pekin-Paris - Prince Borghese enteringParis
  7   The LArgest Cathedral in the World - St. Peter's,Rome
  8   The Highest Tower in the World - EiffelTower
  9   The Largest Statue in the World - Liberty Statue, NewYork
 10   The Most Celebrated Tower in the World - Leaning Tower,Pisa
 11   The Largest Trees in the World - Giant Tree,California
 12   The Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth - Verkhoyansk,Siberia
 13   The Largest Steamship Afloat - R.M.S.Mauretania
 14   The Largest Suspension Bridge in the World - Brooklyn SuspensionBridge
 15   The Quickest Train in the World - Plymouth Ltd. ExpressG.W.R.
 16   The Largest Railway Engine in the World
 17   The Longest Parliament on Record - The "LongParliament"
 18   The Largest Lake in the World - Lake Superior,U.S.A.
 19   The Strongest Fortress in the World -Gibraltar
 20   The Highest Mountain in the World - MountEverest
 21   The Largest Theatre in the World - Grand Opera House,Paris
 22   The First Steamship to Cross the Atlantic - Great Western,1838
 23   The Hottest Place on Earth - Massowah, Red Sea(Abyssinia  
 24   The Tallest Building on Earth - Singer Building,N.Y.
 25   The Most Celebrated Spires in the World - CologneCathedral

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