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Arms & Armour
   Player's Cigarettes - 1909

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text. The set is often subtitled as 
"Blue Backs."

No.   Title                                Date         Time Period

  1   An Ancient British Warrior           55 B.C.      Time of Julius Caesar's invasion
  2   A Roman Soldier                      55 B.C.      Time of Julius Caesar's invasion
  3   A British Chieftain                  61 A.D.      Time of Boadicea
  4   A Jutish Warrior                     449 A.D.     Time of landing of the Saxons
  5   A Knight of the "Round Table"        542 A.D.     Time of Death of King Arthur
  6   A Saxon Warrior                      187 A.D.     Time of Ravages of the Northmen
  7   A Viking                             898 A.D.     Time of Ravages of the Northmen
  8   A Saxon Warrior                      869 A.D.     Time of King Edmund
  9   A Saxon in Armour                    901 A.D.     Time of King Alfred
 10   An Anglo-Danish Warrior              1013 A.D.    Time of Danish Conquest
 11   A Warrior in Scale-Armour            1095 A.D.    Time of 1st Crusade
 12   A Horseman in Chain-Mail             1170 A.D.    Time of Murder of Becket
 13   A Horseman in Armour                 1215         Time of Magna Charta
 14   A Slinger                            1242         Time of Invasion of France, Henry III
 15   A Knight with a War Flail            1264         Time of Barons' War
 16   A Soldier with a Battle-Axe          1264         Time of Barons' War
 17   A Mounted Archer                     1282         Time of Welsh Insurrection
 18   An Armed Horseman with a Mace        1304         Time of Conquest of Scotland
 19   A Knight with a Battle-Axe           1314         Time of Battle of Bannockburn
 20   An Archer                            1346         Time of Battle of Cressy
 21   A Footsoldier at a Siege             1370         Time of Black Prince's campaigns
 22   A Knight                             1388         Time of Battle of Chevy Chase
 23   An English Archer                    1415         Time of Battle of Agincourt
 24   A Sword Combat                       1429         Time of Joan of Arc
 25   A Crossbowman                        1455         Time of Wars of the Roses
 26   A Knight (Dismounted)                1465         Time of Wars of the Roses
 27   A Footsoldier with a Hand-Gun        1485         Time of Battle of Bosworth
 28   A Knight (Dismounted)                1513         Time of Battle of Flodden
 29   A Sword and Buckler Combat           1513         Time of Battle of Flodden
 30   A Tournament                         1520         Time of Field of Cloth of Gold
 31   An Archer                            1580         Time of Drake's Voyages
 32   A Pikeman                            1580         Time of Drake's Voyages
 33   An English Gentleman                 1588         Time of Spanish Armada
 34   A Harquebusier                       1588         Time of Spanish Armada
 35   A Cavalier                           1627         Time of Buckingham's French Expedition
 36   A Pistolier                          1641         Time of Irish Rebellino
 37   A Cuirassier                         1642         Time of Battle of Edgehill
 38   A Musketeer                          1645         Time of Battle of Naseby
 39   A Roundhead Soldier                  1649         Time of Execution of Charles I
 40   A Grenadier                          1665         Time of Great Plague
 41   The First Regiment of Foot Guards    1695         Time of Siege of Namur
 42   An Officer of Cavalry                1704         Time of Battle of Blenheim
 43   Infantry of the Line                 1756         Time of Seven Years' War
 44   A Private, 24th Foot                 1760         Time of Conquest of Canada
 45   A Life-Guardsman                     1798         Time of Campaign in Egypt
 46   A Private, 54th Foot                 1808         Time of Peninsular War
 47   A Life-Guardsman                     1815         Time of Battle of Waterloo
 48   A Corporal, 6th Foot                 1840         Time of Chinese War
 49   A Hussar                             1854         Time of Battle of Balaclava
 50   An Officer of Infantry               1857         Time of Indian Mutiny

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