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Nature Series
  John Player & Sons- 1909
  Reprinted 2000 - Card Collectors Society

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Many thanks to Kyle
DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Title                            Classification

  1   The King Parrot                  Psittacus cyanopygus
  2   Tri-coloured Lory                Psittacus atricapillus
  3   The Many Coloured Parrakeet      Psittacus multicolor
  4   The Red and Blue Macaw           Psittacus macao
  5   Pennant's Parrakeet              Psittacus Pennanti
  6   The Blue Mountain Lory           Psittacuis Swainsonii
  7   The Red-Wing Parrakeet           Psittacus erythropterus
  8   Barnard's Parrakeet              Psittacus Barnardii
  9   Military Macaw                   Psittacus militaris
 10   The Pileated Parrakeet           Psittacus pileatus
 11   Paradise Parrakeet               Psittacus pulcherimus
 12   The Silver Pheasant              Gennœus nycthemerus
 13   The Amherst Pheasant             Chrysolophus Amherstiœ
 14   The Mandarin Duck                Æx galericulata
 15   The Siamese Fireback             Diardigallus prœlatus
 16   The Carolina or Summer Duck      Æx sponsa
 17   The Common Pheasant              Phasianus colchicus
 18   The Red-legged Partridge         Caccabis rufa
 19   The Impeyan or Moonal Pheasant   Lophophorus refulgens
 20   The Grey Peacock Pheasant        Polyplectron cinquis
 21   The Capercailie                  Tetrao urogallus
 22   The Golden Pheasant              Chrysolophus pictus
 23   The Mallard                      Anas boscas
 24   The Common Sheld-duck            Tadorna cornuta
 25   The Ptarmigan                    Lagopus mutus
 26   The Red Deer                     Cervus elaphus
 27   The Horseshoe Bat                Rhinolophus ferrum-equinum
 28   The Viper                        Vipera berus
 29   The Fallow Deer                  Cervus dama
 30   The Common Toad                  Bufo vulgaris
 31   The Common Frog                  Rana temporaria
 32   The Stoat or Ermine              Putorius erminea
 33   The Ferret                       Mustela furo
 34   The Mole                         Talpa europœa
 35   The Sand Lizard                  Lacerta agilis
 36   The Warty Newt                   Molge cristata
 37   The Weasel                       Putorius nivalis
 38   The Shetland Pony
 39   The Badger                       Meles taxus
 40   The Wild Cat                     Felis catus
 41   The Squirrel                     Sciurus vulgaris
 42   The Hare                         Lepus europœus
 43   The Mountain Hare                Lepus timidus
 44   The Hedgehog                     Erinaceus europœus
 45   The Otter                        Lutra vulgaris
 46   The Brown Rat                    Mus norvegicus
 47   Chillingham Cattle               Bos taurus
 48   The Roebuck                      Capreolus capraolus
 49   The Fox                          Vulpes vulgaris
 50   The Grass Snake                  Tropidonotus natrix

©2001, 2002, 2003 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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