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Association Football Club Colours
   Gallaher Cigarettes - 1910

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". Card fronts show colour player 
caricatures (for the 1909-10 season) while card backs give team statistics. Thanks 
much to Matt Conroy for the original list!

No.   Title                  Club

  1   William Wedlock        Bristol City
  2   E. Gettings            Stockport C.
  3   C. Milnes              Rotherham County
  4   Alex. Leake            Burnley
  5   D. McCartney           Northampton
  6   John Cox               Blackpool
  7   M. Curran              Portadown
  8   Rev. K. R. G. Hunt     Leyton
  9   "Ike" Evenson          Plymouth Argyle
 10   W. J. Beer             Birmingham
 11   Alex. Raisbeck         Partick Thistle
 12   H. Dainty              Dundee
 13   R. S. McColl           Queen's Park, Glasgow
 14   Wm. McGran             Airdrieonians
 15   Sam Aitken             Middlesbrough
 16   W. Micklethwait        Rotherham Town
 17   J. Jackson             Port Glasgow
 18   J. McKenzie            Bristol Rovers
 19   H. Stapley             Glossop
 20   Wm. R. Hall            Queen's Park, Lurgan
 21   Peter Chambers         Swindon Town
 22   D. Martin              Cliftonville
 23   John Sharp             Everton
 24   G. Hedley              Wolverhampton W.
 25   E. H. Lintott          Bradford City
 26   A. Grenville Morris    Notts Forest
 27   Jas. Logan             Aston Villa
 28   Wm. J. Lyon            Preston North End
 29   R. Lawrie              Glentoran
 30   W. H. Quaill           Glenavon
 31   J. Murray              Motherwell
 32   C. Morris              Derby County
 33   Jas. Mitchell          Kilmarnock
 34   John Davie             Hamilton Academicals
 35   L. W. Bramall          Doncaster Rovers
 36   General Stevenson      Millwall
 37   D. Steel               Tottenham Hotspur
 38   Colin C. M. Veitch     Newcastle United
 39   W. Bushell             Norwich City
 40   R. McIvor              Ards
 41   Arthur Goddard         Liverpool
 42   Charles Thomson        Sunderland
 43   J. Warner              Portsmouth
 44   Robert Crompton        Blackburn Rovers
 45   George Woodger         Crystal Palace
 46   W.F. Hopper            Bohemians
 47   Harry Kent             Watford
 48   W. Garraty             West Bromwich Albion
 49   "Bob" Watson           Exeter City
 50   J. Darling             Linfield
 51   Jas. E. Windridge      Chelsea
 52   J. Montgomery          Notts County
 53   Donald Colman          Aberdeen
 54   Ernest Needham         Sheffield United
 55   George Kitchen         West Ham United
 56   C. Tickle              Coventry City
 57   Mark Bell              Clapton Orient
 58   Arthur Collins         Fulham
 59   W. Kitchin             Huddersfield
 60   T. Sloan               Third Lanark
 61   J. MacGowan            Old Park Corinthians
 62   Victor McConnell       Larne
 63   J. B. Eastham          Southampton
 64   R. M. Hawkes           Luton Town
 65   Andrew Aitken          Leicester Fosse
 66   Wm. Watson             Shelborne
 67   Herbert Munday         Chesterfield T.
 68   Wm. Barnes             Queen's Park R.
 69   J. Blair               Belfast Celtic
 70   I. Thornley            Manchester City
 71   J. Anderson            Falkirk
 72   Alex. Downie           Oldham Athletic
 73   P. Callaghan           Hibernians
 74   Wm. Yenson             Croydon Common
 75   T. McAteer             Clyde
 76   A. West                Reading
 77   Robt. Stewart          Greenock Morton
 78   James Hay              Glasgow Celtic
 79   David Gordon           Hull City
 80   P. R. Sands            Woolwich Arsenal
 81   Walter Wilson          Lincoln City
 82   Charles Milnes         Bradford
 83   J. Dewhurst            Bury
 84   C. Lynch               Derry Celtic
 85   W. Jenkinson           Gainsborough T.
 86   David Williamson       Summerfield
 87   T. Strang              New Brompton
 88   H. Blaverstock         Bolton Wanderers
 89   Wm. Birch              Lurgan Celtic
 90   Leo Donnonly           Distillery
 91   J. Stark               Glasgow Rangers
 92   J. Leeming             B'ton & Hove Albion
 93   R. Robertson           St. Mirren
 94   F. McLaren             Heart Of Midlothian
 95   C. Roberts             Manchester United
 96   Jas. Tildesley         Leeds City
 97   Andrew Wilson          Sheffield Wednesday
 98   S. Wheelhouse          Grimsby Town
 99   E. Rhodes              Brentford
100.  T. W. Boyle            Barnsley

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