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Fish & Bait
Wills's Cigarettes - 1910
  Reprinted 1990 - Victoria Gallery

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title                Classification

  1   The Pike             Esox lucius
  2   The Barbel           Barbus vulgaris
  3   The Sea Trout        Salmo trutta
  4   The Minnow           Leuciscus phoxinus
  5   The Gudgeon          Gobio fluviatilis
  6   The Salmon           Salmo salar
  7   The Chub             Leuciscus cephalus
  8   The Roach            Leuciscus rutilus
  9   The Perch            Perca fluviatilis
 10   The Common Bream     Abramis brama
 11   The Carp             Cyprinus carpio
 12   The Brown Trout      Salmo fario
 13   The Wrasse           Labrus
 14   The Grayling         Salmo thymallus
 15   The Bull Trout       Salmo eriox
 16   The Silver Bream     Abramis blicca
 17   The Burbut           Lota vulgaris
 18   The Skate            Raia
 19   The Tench            Tinca vulgaris
 20   The Eel              Anguilla vulgaris
 21   The Dace             Leuciscus vulgaris
 22   The Rainbow Trout    Salmo irideus
 23   The Bleak            Alburnus lucidus
 24   The Char             Salmo alpinus
 25   The Shad             Clupea alosa
 26   The Hake             Merluccius vulgaris
 27   The Ruffe            Acerina cernua
 28   The Conger Eel       Conger vulgaris
 29   The Smelt            Osmerus eperlanus
 30   The Rudd             Leuciscus erythrophthalmus
 31   The Flounder         Pleuronectes flesus
 32   The Plaice           Pleuronectes platessa
 33   The Ling             Molva vulgaris
 34   The Grey Mullet      Mugil capito
 35   The Bass             Labrax lupus
 36   The Cod              Gadus morrhua
 37   The John Dory        Zeus faber
 38   The Halibut          Hippoglossus vulgaris
 39   The Pouting          Gadus luscus
 40   The Turbot           Rhombus maximus
 41   The Pollack          Gadus pollachius
 42   The Haddock          Gadus aeglefinus
 43   The Gurnard          Trigla
 44   The Whiting          Gadus merlangus
 45   The Coalfish         Gadus virens
 46   The Dab              Pleuronectes limanda
 47   The Sole             Solea vulgaris
 48   The Sea Bream        Pagellus centrodontus
 49   The Mackerel         Scomber scomber
 50   The Scad             Caranx trachurus

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