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Flowers To Grow - The best Perennials
   R. J. Lea's Cigarettes - 1913
   Reprinted 1997 - Card Promotions

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-
colour artwork and card backs feature descriptive text. "Flowers to Grow" 
is shown as the front title, with "The best Perennials" on card backs.

No.   Title                                Subtitle

  1   Anemone hepatica
  2   Lupinus polyphyllus roseus           The Pink Lupin
  3   Dronicum                             Leopard's Bane
  4   Iris germanica                       Flag Iris
  5   Aquilegia hybrida                    Columbine
  6   Trollius abiaticus                   Globe Flower
  7   Campanula glomerata                  The clustered Bell-flower
  8   Lupinus nootkaensis
  9   Tradescantia virginica violacea      Spiderwort
 10   Erigeron speciosus                   The Fleabane
 11   Geum coccineum
 12   Polemonium ceruleum                  Jacob's Ladder
 13   Pyrethrum                            "James Kelway"
 14   Scabiosa caucasica
 15   Heuchera sanguinea                   The Coral Plant
 16   Rudbeckia speciosa                   Cone Flower
 17   Coreopsis grandiflora
 18   Papaver orientale                    Oriental Poppy
 19   Lychnis chalcedonica                 Scarlet Lychnis
 20   Physalis franchetti                  Cape Gooseberry
 21   Delphinum hybrid                     Larkspur
 22   Spirža aruncus                       Goat's Beard
 23   Verbascum                            Mullein
 24   Hemerocallis fulva                   Day Lily
 25   Aconitum napellus pyramidalis        Monk's Hood
 26   Oenothera fraseri                    Fraser's Evening Primrose
 27   Delphinium "belladonna"              Perennial Larkspur
 28   Lychnis viscaria
 29   Anchusa italica                      Bugloss (Dropmore Variety)
 30   Lathyrus grandiflorus                The Large-flowered Everlasting Pea
 31   Echinops ritro                       The Globe Thistle
 32   Hieracium aurantiacum
 33   Alstromeria aurantiaca               Peruvian Lily
 34   Senecio clivorum
 35   Mondarda didyma                      Bergamot
 36   Inula glandulosa                     The Glandular Fleabane
 37   Lysimachia vulgaris                  Yellow Loose-strife
 38   Helenium pumilum                     Dwarf Sneezewort
 39   Campanula persicifolia               The Peach-leaved Bellflower
 40   Chrysanthemum maximum                Ox-Eye Delay (King Edward VII)
 41   Phlox "Coquelicot"
 42   Iris loevigata                       Japanese Iris
 43   Geum eweni                           Avens
 44   Helianthus multiflora maxima
 45   Helianthus multiflorus               Double Sunflower
 46   Helenium grandice phalum striatum    Striped Sneezewort
 47   Anemone japonica                     Japanese Windflower
 48   Aster acris                          Michaelmas Daley
 49   Tritoma uvaria                       Red Hot Poker
 50   Helleborus niger                     Christmas Rose

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