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Garden Life
Wills's Cigarettes - 1914

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title                                         Classification

  1   Mealy Bug (Female)                            Dactylopius longispinus
  2   Click-Beeetle, Larva (Wire-worm), and Pupa    Elater obscurus
  3   Garden Snail and Eggs                         Helix aspersa
  4   Red Spider                                    Tetranychus telarius
  5   Lace-wing Fly and Larva                       Chrysopa vulgaris
  6   Devil's Coach-Horse Beetle                    Ocypus olens
  7   Large White Butterfly, Larva, and Pupa        Pieris brassicæ
  8   Cuckoo Spit Insect and Larva                  Philœnus spumarius
  9   Celery Fly and Larva                          Tephritis onopordinis
 10   Cockchafer, Larva, and Pupa                   Melolontha vulgaris
 11   Leaf-cutting Bee and Larva                    Megachile centuncularis
 12   Magpie (Currant) Moth, Larva, and Pupa        Abraxas grossulariata
 13   Aphides, or Green-fly
 14   Ichneumon Fly and Larvæ                       Ichneumonidæ
 15   Hover-Fly and Larvæ                           Genus: Syrphus
 16   Lady-birds, Pupæ, and Larva                   Genus: Coccinella
 17   Plum Fruit Saw-fly                            Hoplocampa fulvicornis
 18   Pear Midge and Larvæ                          Diplosis pyrivora
 19   Pea Moth and Larvæ                            Grapholitha pisana
 20   Vine Louse                                    Phylloxera vastatrix
 21   Garden Spider and Cocoon                      Epeira diademata
 22   Codling Moth and Larvæ                        Carpocapsa pomonella
 23   Small Ermine Moth and Nest                    Hyponomeuta malinella
 24   Earwigs and Eggs                              Forficula auricularia
 25   Apple Sucker and Larvæ                        Psylla mali
 26   Centipedes                                    Genera: Lithobius and Geophilus
 27   Snail-Slug                                    Testacella
 28   Millepedes                                    Julidæ
 29   Crane-fly, Larva, and Pupa                    Tipula oleracea
 30   Raspberry Bettle and Larvæ                    Byturus tomentosus
 31   Rose Chafer and Larva                         Cetonia aurata
 32   Apple Saw-fly and Larvæ                       Hoplocampa testudinea
 33   Pear and Cherry Saw-fly and Larvæ             Eriocampa limacina
 34   Cherry Aphis (Black-fly)                      Myzus cerasi
 35   Cabbage Moth, Larva, and Pupa                 Noctua brassicæ
 36   Lackey Moth, Larva, and Nest                  Clissiocampa neustria
 37   Winter Moths and Larvæ                        Cheimatobia brumata
 38   Plum Fruit Moth and Larvæ                     Opadia funebrana
 39   Ants and part of Nest                         Genera: Formica and Myrmica
 40   Mussel Scale Insect                           Lepidosaphes ulmi
 41   Wasp, Larva, and Nest                         Vespidæ
 42   Woodlice                                      Oniscidæ
 43   Woolly Aphis                                  Schizoneura lanigera
 44   Weevils                                       (various)
 45   Slugs and Eggs                                Limacidæ
 46   Thrips                                        Order: Thysanoptera
 47   Currant Gall Mite                             Eriophyes ribis
 48   Mottled Umber Moth and Larva                  Hybernia defoliaria
 49   Vapourer Moths and Larva                      Orygia antiqua
 50   Tiger Beetle; Ground Beetle and Larva         Cicindela campestris; Carabus violaceus

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