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War Pictures
WD & HO Wills (Australia) - 1915

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and were marked in two ways 
on card backs, with the "Havelock" or "Specialties" brands. Thanks much to John 
Rand for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Russians Entraining
  2   Russians Marching
  3   Landing Big Guns
  4   Cannon masked from Aircraft
  5   French Lancers in Belgium
  6   German Artillery Preparing for Action
  7   Highlanders at Boulogne
  8   Dogs Drawing Guns, Holland
  9   British Expeditionary Force in Boulogne
 10   An Ambuscade, Namur
 11   Belgians Retreating to Antwerp
 12   Belgian Infantry Resting
 13   A Real War Dog
 14   Public Buildings as Barracks, Austria
 15   Belgian Artillery, Louvain
 16   Belgians in Action, Louvain
 17   Belgians in Action, Louvain
 18   British Troops in France, Resting
 19   The Stock Exchange Closed
 20   Naval Barracks, Portsmouth
 21   Algerians in France
 22   Bridge on the Meusse, Vise
 23   Vise after Sacking
 24   Refugees near Brussels
 25   Belgians at the Front
 26   British giving French Soldiers Cigarettes
 27   Belgian Soldiers Funeral at Ostend
 28   Royal Marines Landing at Ostend
 29   Royal Marines Watching for Uhlans
 30   German Infantry in Brussels
 31   Defence Works, Willebroeck Canal, near Antwerp
 32   British Soldiers in Armoured Car
 33   Indians in Camp near New Forest
 34   Indian, with London Scottish in France
 35   Ghurkas Arriving at the Front
 36   Senegalese and French, near Rheims
 37   Belgian Dog Carts for Machine-Guns and Ammunition
 38   Digging Trenches for the Defence of Paris
 39   Belgians Retiring through Ghent
 40   House of a Dutch Inhabitant Saved at Vise
 41   Senegalese reverts to his own way of carrying kit
 42   Refugees Leaving Ostend in a Traveler
 43   "Tommies" bringing Ammunition to Firing Line
 44   Divers Clearing River, Oise
 45   French Marching through Oisy-aux-bois
 46   Engine and Blown-up Bridge, near Lizy
 47   Belgian Scouts ay Waterloo
 48   Germans in Brussels
 49   Destruction of Louvain
 50   French "Long Tom" to Reinforce at Firing Line

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©2008 John Rand, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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