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Celebrities of the Great War
Major Drapkin - 1916

Notes:  The unnumbered cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". A 
34-card version with blank backs was also distributed. Thanks much 
to John Rand for the checklist!


    HM King George V
    The Maharaja of Bikaner
    Rt Hon RL Borden
    The Maharaja of Kohlapur
    General Pau
    HH The Gaekwar of Baroda
    HH The Maharaja of Patiala
    Czar of Russia
    M Raymond Poincare
    HH The Maharaja of Baharatpur
    General Joffre
    Commodore RY Tyrwhitt
    Monsieur Max
    Tr Hon HH Asquith
    Major-general Edmund HH Allenby
    Prince Arthur of Connaught
    King of the Belgians
    Maharaja Dhira ja Holka of Indore
    Boue de la Peyrere
    General Leman
    General Sir Douglas Haig
    Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty
    Rt Hon Winston Churchill
    The Maharaja of Gwalior
    Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien
    General Louis Botha
    Sir John Rushworth Jellicoe
    His Highness Sir Pertab Singh Brhadur of Idar
    Lt-Gen von Rennenkampf
    FM Sir John French
    Field-Marshal Lors Kitchener
    Sir Phillip Chetwode
    General Ruszky
    HH Thakur Sahib of Gondal
    The Grand Duke Nicholas
    Vice-admiral Kato

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©2006 John Rand, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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