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1914: The War Illustrated
   Cult-Stuff - 2014

Notes: The series features historical events from World War I. A 2014 Preview Set is 
shown below. Thanks to John Biagioni and David Rosciszewski for assistance! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Cult-Stuff website.

Case: 18 packs of 30 cards. 60 cases total.

  No.    Title                                                          Puzzle Part

Base Set (1 set:pack)

   01    War Begins
   02    HMS George V
   03    HHS Birmingham
   04    Audregnies
   05    Anti-Aircraft Guns
   06    Dinant
   07    Y'res Cloth Hall
   08    Zeppelin Raids
   09    Tanks
   10    Albert I of Belgium
   11    George V
   12    Lord Kitchener
   13    Tsar Nicholas II
   14    Kaiser Wilhelm II
   15    Raymond Poincar
   16    Woodrow Wilson
   17    British Troops
   18    German Troops


The War Illustrated Puzzle Cards (2:pack)

   --    The British Dreadnought King George V                          puzzle top left
   --    "Have You Seen Any Germans Past This Way?"                     puzzle top middle
   --    The Smiling Courage of Our Wounded Heroes                      puzzle top right
   --    The Farrier in the Fray - an Episode at Compiengne             puzzle center left
   --    No Surrender!                                                  puzzle center middle
   --    "Au Revoir - Till We Beat Back the Germans!"                   puzzle center right
   --    Smashing a German Pontoon Bridge across the Petit Morin River  puzzle bottom left
   --    Irish Guards Kneel at Prayer before Rushing upon the Germans   puzzle bottom middle
   --    French Boys Who Went Where "Daddy" and Danger Were             puzzle bottom right

Artefact Cards

 W1-1    The War Illustrated [square cutout]
 W1-1    The War Illustrated [cover cut]
 W1-1    The War Illustrated [foldout cutout]

Artist Sketch Cards (1:2 packs)

      See also sketch cards made for the Preview Set. SK1 cards have a red "1914 WWI Sketch Card"
      back while TW1 cards picture "The War Illustrated".

  TWi    Andrew Richmond
  SK1    B Jones
  SK1    Carolyn Edwards
  SK1    Dan Gorman
  SK1    Eric Van Elslande
  SK1    Huy Truong
  TW1    Jeffrey Benitez
  SK1    Laura Inglis
         Marcia Dye
  TW1    Mike Hannan
  SK1    Patrick Hamill
  SK1    Reid Fisher
  TW1    Robert Hack
  TW1    Scott Fellowes
  SK1    Steven Burch
  SK1    Terry "Pav" Pavlet


    Pack: 9-card base set + chase. 14 packs/case.

 No.    Title

PS-1   1914 Preview Set
PS-2   (aircraft on ground)
PS-3   (HMS Dreadnought)
PS-4   (Archduke Ferdinand)
PS-5   (trench warfare)
PS-6   It Is Far Better to Face the Bullets ...
 --    Why Britain Went to War - H. G. Wells / "God Save the King"
WI-1   (aircraft flying)
WI-2   The War Illustrated

Artefact Cards

 AC1   1/2-pence stamp (green)
 AC1   1-pence stamp (red)
 AC1   1-1/2-pence stamp (brown)
 AC1   2-pence Stamp (blue)
 AC1   2-pence stamp (orange)
 AC1   2-1/2-pence stamp (blue)
 AC1   3-pence stamp (purple)
 AC1   4-pence stamp (green)
 AC1   5-pence stamp (brown

 AC1   One Penny [coin]

 RS1   Rationing Means a Fair Share for All of Us [rationing stamp]

 W1-1  The War Illustrated [portrait rectangle]
 W1-1  The War Illustrated [framed illustration square]
 W1-1  The War Illustrated [framed double illustration]
 W1-1  The War Illustrated [framed triple illustration]

Artist Sketch Cards (at least 150 made for Preview Set)

 SK1   Dan Gorman
 SK1   Eric Van Elslande
 SK1   Laura Inglis
 SK1   Marcia Dye
 SK1   Patrick J. Hamill
 SK1   Reid Fisher
 SK1   Scott Fellows
 SK1   Terry "Pav" Pavlet


 P-1     1914 Preview Set (foundering ship)
 MC5     (Cult-Stuff website)
 AP1     1915 (ANZAC troops; Australia/New Zealand)
NSTC-1   (magno; nonsportstradingcards; limited to 25)
NSUP1    "Your Country Needs You" (Non-Sport Update, 2014 Memorabilia Show)
PTC-1    (Double sided magno; limited to 15)

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©2014, 2015 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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