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Cinema Stars, A Series of 25
   F. & J. Smith's Cigarettes - 1920
   Reprinted 1987 - Victoria Gallery

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8"; the set is often described with
"8 brands" because that number of Smith's brands were featured with their logos
on the card backs. It's good to see that it's possible to still remember "Fatty"
Arbuckle. Thanks to Eugene White for the update!

No.   Title                  Brand Advertisement (card back)

  1   Gerald Ames            Smith's Luxury Mixture
  2   Roscoe Arbuckle        Smith's Glasgow Mixture
  3   John Barrymore         Smith's Luxury Mixture
  4   Charles Chaplin        Smith's Pinewood Cigarettes
  5   Charles Chaplin        Smith's Kashan Cigarettes
  6   Marguerite Clark       Smith's Glasgow Mixture
  7   Arnold Daly            Smith's Kashan Cigarettes
  8   Hazel Dawn             Smith's Pinewood Cigarettes
  9   Gaby Deslys            Smith's Orchestra Cigarettes
 10   Marie Doro             Smith's Compeer Cigarettes
 11   Tom Mix                Smith's Orchestra Cigarettes
 12   Victor Moore           Smith's Glasgow Mixture
 13   Marshall Neilan        Smith's Studio Cigarettes
 14   Mabel Normand          Smith's Orchestra Cigarettes
 15   House Peters           Smith's Studio Cigarettes
 16   Mary Pickford          Smith's Glasgow Mixture
 17   Elisabeth Risdon       Smith's Luxury Mixture
 18   Ford Sterling          Smith's Pinewood Cigarettes
 19   Blanche Sweet          Smith's Orchestra Cigarettes
 20   Alma Taylor            Smith's Luxury Mixture
 21   Florence Turner        Smith's Orchestra Cigarettes
 22   Charlotte Walker       Smith's Studio Cigarettes
 23   Fannie Ward            Smith's Compeer Cigarettes
 24   Pearl White            Smith's Sun Cured Mixture
 25   Kathlyn Williams       Smith's Studio Cigarettes

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