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21 Jump Street
Topps - 1987 (Sticker Set)

Notes:  Thanks to Jan Burns Cederquist for the original checklist, and to
Ed Redmon for the update!

Box: 48 packs of 5 sticker-cards cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.45 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                     Character                Text or Puzzle

  1   Five for Danger!          Whole Cast               Puzzle
  2   Proud and Fearless        Hanson                   Puzzle
  3   Cops Who Care!            Penhall & Hoffs          Puzzle (Picture A)
  4   Officer H.T. Ioki         Ioki                     Puzzle
  5   Officer Judy Hoffs        Hoffs                    Puzzle
  6   At the Rifle Range        Penhall                  Text
  7   A Man, His Duty           Hanson                   Puzzle
  8   High School Cops!         Hanson & Penhall         Puzzle
  9   Officer Tom Hanson        Hanson                   Text
 10   Time for Fun!             Hanson                   Puzzle
 11   The City Beat             Penhall                  Puzzle
 12   Hanson & Hoffs            Hanson & Hoffs           Puzzle
 13   One Cool Cop!             Ioki                     Puzzle
 14   Undercover!               Hanson & Penhall         Text
 15   Judy's Dream              Hoffs                    Puzzle
 16   Captain Adam Fuller       Fuller                   Puzzle
 17   On the Job!               Hanson                   Puzzle (Picture A)
 18   "To Protect & Serve"        Hanson                   Text
 19   Duo for Danger!           Hanson & Penhall         Text
 20   Fuller in Charge!         Fuller                   Text
 21   Dynamite Duo!             Hanson & Hoffs           Puzzle
 22   Jump Street's Finest      Hanson                   Text
 23   What a Cop!               Penhall                  Text
 24   Ioki's Gamble             Ioki                     Puzzle
 25   A Fast Lane Life!         Hoffs                    Puzzle
 26   The New Case              Hanson                   Text
 27   Hot Night Out!            Penhall                  Puzzle
 28   Huggable Hoffs!           Hoffs                    Text
 29   Man and the Mission       Hanson                   Text
 30   Hot Young Star            Hanson                   Text
 31   Hanson Takes a Break!     Hanson                   Puzzle
 32   A Laugh between Jobs      Ioki                     Puzzle
 33   Hanson Undercover         Hanson                   Puzzle
 34   Officer Doug Penhall      Penhall                  Puzzle
 35   Top Secret!               Hanson                   Puzzle
 36   What a Fox!               Hoffs                    Puzzle
 37   Lighten Up!               Hanson, Hoffs & Penhall  Puzzle
 38   Teen Patrol               Hanson & Penhall         Text
 39   Schoolyard Blues          Hoffs                    Text
 40   Officer H.T. Ioki         Ioki                     Text
 41   Officer Tom Hanson        Hanson                   Puzzle
 42   What a Hunk!              Hanson                   Text
 43   Freeze!                   Hoffs                    Text
 44   Officer Doug Penhall      Penhall                  Text

©2000, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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