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Wild Animals of the World
   Adkin & Sons - 1922

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8" and are unnumbered.  Card fronts feature 
full-colour artwork and card backs feature descriptive text. Thanks to cigarettecardsuk 
for assistance!

   Title                    Classification

   Alligator                A. mississippiensis
   Alpaca                   Lama pacos
   Armadillo                Dasypus sexcinctus
   Bactrian Camel           Camelus bactrianus
   Badger                   Meles taxus
   Beaver                   Family castoridæ
   Bighorn                  Ovis canadensis
   American Bison           Bos americanus
   Panther                  Felis pardus
   Chamois                  Rupicapra tragus
   Cheeta                   Cynælurus jubatus
   Crocodile                Crocodilus niloticus
   Dingo                    Canis dingo
   Dorcas Gazelle           Gazella dorcas
   Indian Elephant          Elephas indicus
   Flying Squirrel          P. punctatus
   Giraffe                  Giraffidæ
   Gnu                      Connochæies taurina
   Gorilla                  Gorilla savagei
   Great Ant-Eater          Myrmecophaga jubata
   Grizzly Bear             Ursus horribilis
   Hippopotamus             Hippopotamidæ
   Hyæna                    Hyæna striata
   Ibex of the Himalayas    Capra sibirica
   Indian Humped Camel      Bos. indicus
   Indian Rhinoceros        R. Unicornis
   Jaguar                   Felis onca
   Long Eared Jerboa        Dipsus jaculus
   Kangaroo                 Macropus rufus
   Kudu                     Strepsiceros kudu
   Leopard                  Felis pardus
   The Lion                 Felis leo
   Llama                    Lama glama
   Lynx                     Felis lynx
   Mongoose & Cobra         Herpestes mungo
   Ocelot                   Felis pardalis
   Polar Bear               Ursus maritimus
   Porcupine                Hystrix cristala
   Puma                     Felis concolor
   Raccoon                  Procyon lolor
   Reindeer                 Rangifer tarandus
   Sable                    M. zibellina
   Sea Lion                 Otaria jubata
   Skunk                    Mephitis mephitica
   Tasmanian Devil          Sarcophilus ursinus
   The Tiger                Felis tigris
   White Yak                Bos grunniens
   Indian Wild Boar         Sus cristatus
   Wolf                     Canis lupus
   Burchell's Zebra         Equus burchelli

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