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Beautiful Women
   John Player - 1923

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
photos and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Title                                  Artist

  1   Mona Lisa, Da Vinci                    Da Vinci
  2   Lady Castlemaine                       Sir Peter Lely
  3   Portrait of a Young Woman              Jean Marc Nattier
  4   Madame De Pompadour                    Francois Boucher
  5   The Countess Of Eglinton               Sir Joshua Reynolds
  6   Lady Betty Compton                     Sir Joshua Reynolds
  7   Elizabeth, Margravine of Anspach       Thomas ainsborough
  8   Miss Whitefoorde                       George Romney
  9   Renira De Tuyll                        George Romney
 10   Nature                                 George Romney
 11   Portrait of a Lady                     George Romney
 12   Mrs. Robinson as Perdita               George Romney
 13   Lady Elizabeth Compton                 Matthew William Peters
 14   The Duchess of Devonshire              John Downman
 15   Madame Mole-Raymond                    Mme. Vigee-Lebrun
 16   The Duchess of Orleands                Mme. Vigee-Lebrun
 17   Miss De Vismes                         Henry Raeburn
 18   Mrs. Scot Moncrieff                    Henry Raeburn
 19   Portrait of an Irish Girl              Adam Buck
 20   The Charming Muser                     William Ward
 21   Miss Croker                            Sir Thomas Lawrence
 22   Lady Lyndhurst                         Sir Thomas Lawrence
 23   Lady Peel                              Sir Thomas Lawrence
 24   Mrs. Siddons                           Sir Thomas Lawrence
 25   Miss Foote                             George Clint

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