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Characters from Dickens
John Player & Sons - 1912 (Series 1 and Series 2)
John Player & Sons - 1923

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  The set was originally issued in two
parts ("A Series", cards 1-25 and "2nd Series", cards 26-50). The two parts were reissued
together as a single set in 1923 and were reprinted as two sets in 1990.  Many thanks to
Kyle DeRoy for the checklist!

No.   Title

1912 First Series

  1   The Artful Dodger, Oliver Twist
  2   Fagin, Oliver Twist
  3   Mr. Bumble, Oliver Twist
  4   Oliver Twist, Oliver Twist
  5   Dumkins, Pickwick Papers
  6   Luffey, Pickwick Papers
  7   Major Dabstock, Dombey & Son
  8   Alfred Jundgle Esq, Pickwick Papers
  9   Bill Sikes, Oliver Twist
 10   Mr. Snodgrass, Pickwick Papers
 11   Dick Swiveller, The Old Curiosity Shop
 12   Mr. Chuckster, The Old Curiosity Shop
 13   Sergt. Buzfuz, Pickwick Papers
 14   Mr. Justice Stareleigh, The Pickwick Papers
 15   Job Trotter, The Pickwick Papers
 16   Mr. Pickwick, The Pickwick Papers
 17   Sam Weller, The Pickwick Papers
 18   Tony Weller, The Pickwick Papers
 19   Bob Sawyer, The Pickwick Papers
 20   Dismal Jemmy, The Pickwick Papers
 21   The Fat Boy, The Pickwick Papers
 22   Nell, Old Curiosity Shop
 23   Mr. Pecksniff, Martin Chuzzlewit
 24   Sairey Gamp, Martin Chusslewit
 25   Capt. Cuttle, Dombey and Son

1912 Second Series

 26   Short, The Old Curiosity Shop
 27   Quilp, The Old Curiosity Shop
 28   The Marchioness, The Old Curiosity Shop
 29   Sampson Brass, The Old Curiosity Shop
 30   Sally Brass, The Old Curiosity Shop
 31   Codlin, The Old Curiosity Shop
 32   Silas Wegg, Our Mutual Friend
 33   Rogue Riderhood, Our Mutual Friend
 34   Mark Tapley, Martin Chuzzlewit
 35   Scrooge, A Christmas Carol
 36   Betsey Trotwood, David Copperfield
 37   Mr. Murdstone, David Copperfield
 38   Uriah Heep, David Copperfield
 39   David Copperfield, David Copperfield
 40   Dan'l Peggotty, David Copperfield
 41   Mr. Micawber, David Copperfield
 42   Mr. Dombey, Dombey & Son
 43   Mrs. Mac Stinger, Dombey & Son
 44   Mr. Squeers, Nicholas Nickleby
 45   Fanny Squeers, Nicholas Nickleby
 46   Newman Noggs, Nicholas Nickleby
 47   Mr. Turveydrop, Bleak House
 48   Jo, Bleak House
 49   Mr. Bucket, Bleak House
 50   Mr. Chadband, Bleak House

©2001 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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