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Struggle for Existence  [Botanical]
John Player & Sons - 1923

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8"; there were two distinguishable
printings.  Many thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the checklist!

No.   Title                                Plant

 1    The Soundless Struggle.              Goose-grass, Cinquefoil and Blindweed.
 2    A Plant Rogue, in Bogland.           Sundew.
 3    A Water Rogue.                       The Bladderwort.
 4    A Shameless Loafer.                  Dodder.
 5    A Plant Hypocrite.                   Yellow-Rattle.
 6    Each One to his Taste!               Common Reed and White Water Lily.
 7    Plant Camels.                        Butcher's Broom and House-leek.
 8    Dainty Ways.                         Water Crawfoot.
 9    Hard Drinkers.                       Marsh Marigold.
10    One Step Towards Seed-setting.       Nettle.
11    A Honey-paid Debt.                   Primrose.
12    Self-Reliance.                       Pimpernel.
13    Elbow-room, Please!                  Goat's-beard.
14    Live Emigration Agents.              Broom.
15    Caterers for Birds.                  Yew and Guelder Rose.
16    Jumpers.                             Hairy Ritter Cress.
17    Weak, but Ambitious.                 Hop.
18    Excelsior!                           Ivy and Everlasting Pea.
19    Making the Best of Bad Matters.      Marram-Grass.
20    Strength in Union.                   White Clover.
21    Refugees.                            Rock-Rose and Ling.
22    Monopolists.                         Heath Rush.
23    An Everyday Dodge: Earth Movements.  Pea and Michaelmas Daisy.
24    Light-seeking and Light-avoiding.    Ivy-leaved Toad-flax.
25    Finding the Best Level.              Oat Grains.

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