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Aesop's Fables
   Typhoo Tea -1924

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork in an oval with advertising text, and card backs feature story text and 
fable moral. Thanks to cigarettecardsuk for assistance!

No.   Title

  1   The Fox and the Ass
  2   The Fat and the Lean Fowls
  3   The Wolf and the Lamb
  4   The Horse and Groom
  5   The Farmer and His Sons
  6   The Fox and the Mask
  7   The Lark and Her Young Ones
  8   The Fox and the Wolf
  9   The Wolf and the Kid
 10   The Two Loaded Asses
 11   The Horse and the Ass
 12   The Stag Looking into the Water
 13   The tortoise and the Eagle
 14   The Old Hound
 15   The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
 16   The Fox and the Goat
 17   The Jackdaw and the Pigeons
 18   The Thief and the Dog
 19   The Wolf and the Shepherds
 20   The Miller, His Son and the Ass
 21   The Fox and the Crow
 22   The Ass in the Lion's Skin
 23   The Wind and the Sun
 24   The Dog and the Cat
 25   The Country Maid and the Milk Pail

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