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British Champions of 1923
Gallaher Ltd. - 1924

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". Thanks much to John Rand 
for the checklist!

British Champions of 1923
Gallaher Ltd. - 1924

No.   Champion                                Renown

  1   H.M. Abrahams                           Long jump
  2   Royal Temple Yacht Club
  3   E.H. Liddle                             Runner
  4   Company Sgt.-Major Instructor Maltman
  5   J.R. Capablanca                         Chess
  6   C. McLellan                             Walker
  7   Miss Hilda James                        Swimmer
  8   Mlle. Suzanne Lenglen                   Tennis
  9   Roger Wethered                          Golf
 10   Miss G.M. Davis                         Fencing
 11   Sir G.A. Thomas                         Badminton
 12   William H. Johnston                     Tennis
 13   J.G. Hatfield                           Swimming
 14   W.F. Wade                               Bowls
 15   Alec Taylor                             Racehorse trainer
 16   Motor Racing at Brooklands
 17   Arthur Bye                              Quoits
 18   Capt. E.H. Robinson (late R.A.F.)       Shooting
 19   E. Seligman                             Amateur Sabre Champion of England
 20   T. M. Bernell                           Scottish Amateur Golf Champion
 21   Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race
 22   W.D. McLeod                             Amateur Champion Billiards Player for England
 23   C. Elliott and Steve Donoghue           Jockeys
 24   Joe Beckett                             Boxer
 25   P. Lewden                               High Jumper
 26   Miss Price                              Lady Chess Champion
 27   Mr. F. J. Page & Miss Ethel Muckelt     Ice Skaters
 28   Champion Polo Team
 29   The Thames Rowing Club
 30   Champion Water Polo Team
 31   W.A. Pullum                             Weight Lifter
 32   The Wingfield Sculls
 33   Mr. K. Morris                           Diamond Sculls
 34   The Yorkshire Cricket Team
 35   The London Caledonians                  Amateur Football Team
 36   J. Barrett                              Shot Putt
 37   F.R. Gaby                               Hurdler
 38   Tevis Huhn                              Hurdler
 39   England Ladies Hockey Team
 40   Bolton Wanderers Football Club
 41   F. Batten                               Ploughman
 42   Luton Red Cross Silver Prize Band
 43   Lord Derby
 44   Willie Smith                            Billiards
 45   L.F.T Gourtney                          Airman
 46   R.W. Phelps                             Waterman
 47   Miss D. Steel                           Croquet
 48   Pipe-Major Ross
 49   Miss Helen Wilson                       Lady Piper
 50   Miss C. L. Radeglia  [initials are reversed on the front of the card]
 51   Arthur Havers                           Golf
 52   Miss Doris Chambers                     Golf
 53   Tiraboschi                              English Channel Swimmer
 54   A.E. Dicken                             High Diver
 55   A.R. Eglington                          Amateur Roller Skating Champion
 56   H.D. Marshall                           Amateur Punting
 57   A. White                                Cyclist
 58   H.H. Lee                                Cyclist
 59   Wilfred Rhodes                          Bowler (cricket)
 60   E. Hendren                              Batsman (cricket)
 61   E. Eagan                                Amateur Heavy-weight Boxer
 62   G. Shorter                              Light-weight Amateur Boxer
 63   P.R. Green                              Amateur Welter-weight boxer
 64   E.P. Peter                              Amateur Long-distance swimmer
 65   J. Shepherd                             Amateur Wrestler
 66   R.J. Dickenson                          High Jump, Oxford University Athletic Club Sports
 67   E.M. Baerlein                           Racquets
 68   M.C. Noakes                             Hammer Thrower
 69   F.K. Brown                              Shot Putter, University Athletic Sports
 70   J. Dalrymple                            Javelin
 71   H.W. Payne                              Cross Country Racer
 72   C.R. Griffiths                          Half-mile runner
 73   H.B. Stallard                           One-mile runner
 74   W.R. Milligan                           Runner
 75   N.A. McInnes                            Runner

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