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Flowering Trees & Shrubs
Wills's Cigarettes - 1924

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks much to Kyle
DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Title                                     Classification

  1   Abele, or White Poplar                    Populus alba
  2   Acacia, or Locust Tree                    Robinia Pseudacacia
  3   Common Alder                              Alnus glutinosa
  4   Crab, or Wild Apple                       Pyrus Malus
  5   Ash                                       Fraxinus excelsior
  6   Aspen                                     Populus tremula
  7   White Beam                                Pyrus Aria
  8   Beech                                     Fagus sylvatica
  9   Silver Birch                              Betula alba
 10   Blackthorn, or Sloe                       Prunus communis; Sub-species Prunus spinosa
 11   Box                                       Buxus sempervirens
 12   Bruyère ("Briar"), or Tree Heath          Erica arborea
 13   Alder Buckthorn, or Berry-bearing Alder   Rhamnus Frangula
 14   Cedar of Lebanon                          Cedrus Libani
 15   Horse Chestnut                            Æsculus Hippocastanaum
 16   Sweet or Spanish Chestnut                 Castanea sativa
 17   Lawson's Cypress                          Cupressus Lawsoniana
 18   Dogwood, or Cornel                        Cornus sanguinea
 19   Common Elder                              Sambucus nigra
 20   Common Elm                                Ulmus campestris
 21   Gean                                      Prunus Avium
 22   Guelder Rose                              Viburnum Opulus
 23   Hawthorn, or May                          Crataegus Oxyacantha
 24   Common Hazel                              Corylus Avellana
 25   Common Holly                              Ilex Aquifolium
 26   Hornbeam                                  Carpinus Betulus
 27   Laburnum                                  Laburnum vulgare
 28   Larch                                     Larix europœa
 29   Common or Cherry Laurel                   Prunus Laurocerasus
 30   Lime, or Linden                           Tilia europœa
 31   Common Maple                              Acer campestre
 32   Mountain Ash, or Rowan                    Pyrus Aucuparia
 33   Black Mulberry                            Morus nigra
 34   Oak                                       Quercus Robur
 35   Holm Oak                                  Quercus Ilex
 36   Wild Pear                                 Pyrus communis
 37   Scotch Pine, or Scotch Fir                Pinus sylvestris
 38   Stone Pine                                Pinus Pinea
 39   Plane                                     Platanus orientalis
 40   Lombardy Poplar                           Populus fastigiata
 41   Wild Service Tree                         Pyrus Torminalis
 42   Spindle Tree                              Euonymus europœus
 43   Spruce Fir, or Norway Spruce              Picea excelsa
 44   Sycamore, or Great Maple                  Acer Pseudo-platanus
 45   Common Walnut                             Fuglans regia
 46   Wayfaring Tree                            Viburnum Lantana
 47   Wellingtonia                              Sequoia gigantea
 48   Crack Willow, or Withy                    Salix fragilis
 49   Goat Willow, or Sallow                    Salix Caprea
 50   Yew                                       Taxus baccata

©2001, 2002 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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