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The Homeland Series: Real Photos
   Cavanders Ltd. - 1924
The Homeland Series: Hand Coloured Real Photos
   Cavanders Ltd. - 1924
The Homeland Series: Real Photos (Reprinted)
   Cavanders Ltd. - 1925

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2" x 3"; a "regular cigarette-card size" series 
was also produced by Cavanders in 1924.  Some cards may refer to a Cavanders
brand, e.g., Army Club Cigarettes. Card fronts feature photographs and card 
backs feature snippets of appropriate poetry. Thanks much to Jon Waldman 
for the update/clarification!

Three (or four) varieties are found for this series, and my set is mixed so I am 
not absolutely sure that my markings descriptions are universally correct. Here
is the gist: There were two main issues, marked "Real Photos" with the title
centered on the card back, and "Hand Coloured Real Photos."  But some of 
the original photos were in colour. In the second issue, I believe these were 
reprinted with the "Hand Coloured" text whited out, so that the "Real Photos"
description is at the right of the line on the card back.  The list below shows 
the cards from my mixed set that are in colour with the subtitle at the right 
(presumed to be part of the second issue) or that have the subtitle in the 
center (presumed to be part of the first issue, with an alternate text-right
version produced). One exception to these hypothese is card 28, which is
in black-and-white but has the text-right subtitle.

The Murray Cards International catalog states that the "Hand Coloured Real
Photos" version has only 50 cards. I have cards marked that way through 
number 56, so if there were only 50 cards released in that issue, I do not know
which 6 were excluded. Murray also notes an "Uncoloured" 56-card series, 
and I do not know whether this means that the cards do not bear the "Real 
Photos" text at all. I also do not know the characteristics of the 1925 series
that is marked "Reprint."  If any expert out there can confirm or deny my
speculations, I would appreciate any update!

No.   Title                                        Original Type

  1   A Sussex Shepherd and Flock                  Colour
  2   Winter on the Frays near Uxbridge
  3   Stepping Stones at Hardcastle
  4   Steeplechasing
  5   Fishers Unloading at Brixham
  6   A Harvesting Idyll in Hampshire
  7   An Evening Row in the Lake District
  8   The Best Sport of the Day                    Colour
  9   On the Broads in Norfolk                     Colour
 10   The Mill, Lynmouth
 11   Golf
 12   In the Portsmouth Roads
 13   In an Essex Wheat Field                      Colour
 14   The Waterfalls, Hebden Bridge, Hardcastle    Colour
 15   Coaching Days
 16   Sweet Emblems of England
 17   The Cottage Homes of England
 18   Seashore Rocks on the North-East Coast
 19   Football
 20   Winter on a Thames Backwater
 21   Still Life                                   Colour
 22   At Watersmeet, Lynmouth
 23   A Type of English Beauty
 24   A Highland Family
 25   A Hunting Morning
 26   On the Norfolk Broads                        Colour
 27   Burnham Beeches, Buckinghamshire
 28   Harvesting in the isle of Arran              B&W
 29   Cricket
 30   An Evening Scene in Sussex
 31   A Hunting we will go
 32   A Wayside Corner in Kent                     Colour
 33   Highland Cattle Changing Pastures
 34   Hockey                                       B&W
 35   Sunshine in the Lake District
 36   Emblems of England
 37   A Cheshire Lane under Snow
 38   The Halfway House
 39   In the West Highlands
 40   Old Houses in Chilham, Kent
 41   A West County Lane                           Colour
 42   The Favourite Meet                           Colour
 43   Looking across Ullswater
 44   Autumn Fruits
 45   Tennis
 46   Mid Winter in a Surrey Lane                  Colour
 47   On the Trossachs                             Colour
 48   Out on the Open Road
 49   The Quiet Shores of Devon
 50   A Fine Finish
 51   Rydal Mere, from Wordsworth Wishing Gate     Colour
 52   The Three Waterfalls, Leeds
 53   Killarney                                    Colour
 54   The Smithy, Dunchurch, near Rugby            Colour
 55   By a Deeside Stream                          Colour
 56   In a Suffolk Meadow

©2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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