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Humorous Drawings
  Mitchell's Cigarettes - 1924
  Reprinted 1999 - Card Collectors Society

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Dialog

  1   Wife (reading): "'Is a brown child worth saving?' Wh
  2   Charlady (posing): "You'll tell me when to smile, wo
  3   Manager: "By the way, you went to bury your grandmot
  4   Captain: "Wot d'ye mean by swankin' about bein' a cr
  5   Woman: "Can't why that scarecrow don't keep the bird
  6   Mother: "Wot's the time, Alfred?"  Alfred: "Bart two
  7   "Please Muvver wants this blouse changed. It's two s
  8   Visitor (in country church): "Do many people come in
  9   "Please 'm I can't get the brandy alight on the iced
 10   Shopman: "Now I'm going to give you a stick of rock,
 11   Brother: "Where's that piece o' toffee I gave yer to
 12   Bowler" "Quick 'Erbert, - this end - quick, an' we'l
 13   The Professional: "But here, I say - you must start
 14   Victim of Accident: "Help! Help! I can't swim - I ca
 15   Insurance Agent Explains Life Policy - Victim: "Y-ye
 16   Boarder: "Quick Mrs. Smith, give me a glass of egg-p
 17   "E's one o' them real toffs - 'as a clean collar eve
 18   Parson: "Ye're a wonderful woman, Mrs. McTavish - Ah
 19   Suspicious Character: "I've called t' 'ave a look at
 20   Country Policeman (arresting tramp): "Come on now, w
 21   Country Postman: "An' believe me, Mum, I've got t' w
 22   "Oi'll tell ye, Pat - if I'm up before you in the ma
 23   P.C.: "Well, what's your trouble, sir?" - Professor:
 24   Enthusiast: "Uplifting? Eh, old boy?" - Passenter: "
 25   Wife (packing for a fortnight): "This is what we'll
 26   "An' I felt that mad with 'er I would 'ave poisoned
 27   Curate (looking at his watch): "Dear me, I must be g
 28   Wife: "Good Heavens! John - I forgot to turn off the
 29   Boy: "Grandpa, do you know anything about butterflie
 30   "Fine morning, Mr. Ferguson," (no answer) "Fine morn
 31   Doctor: "Well, how are you feeling now William?" - W
 32   Doctor: "You say the medecine is 'bad' - what do you
 33   Woman (after dispute): "It's all a make-up. I never
 34   Boy: "Look at that golfer's trousis, Father." - Fath
 35   "Please Muvver wants 'arf a pound o' cheese, an' she
 36   Sailor: "Ere! wotjer call this?" - Cook: "Tapioker!"
 37   "Ave ee milked all the cows John? - "Aye - all 'cept
 38   Mother: "Why wouldn't you kiss your grandfather, Bar
 39   "Confound you boys - do you know your ball just miss
 40   Salesman: "Then you don't like this sort o' dog?" -
 41   Councillor: "Gentlemen, you may say with the last sp
 42   Wife: "John, there's no need for you to keep exertin
 43   "Ere, what y' doin'?" - "I lost me gold watch in Hyd
 44   Doctor: "You cough much more easily this morning." -
 45   Foreman: "None o' yer back chat - jest get on wiv ye
 46   Enthusiast: "I say Dad - I badly want a new loud spe
 47   Diner: "And look here, I want my chop grilled for at
 48   Sunday School Superintendent: "But you haven't been
 49   Old Lady: "Porter! Does this train stop here?" - Por
 50   Wife: "You're lazy, that's what you are, sit - sit -

©2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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