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Natural History, A Series of 12
Player's Cigarettes - 1924

Notes:  Cards are oversized, approximately 2-5/8" x 3-7/8". Images and text
are expanded from cards included the small-format 50-card set, also issued
in 1924 by Player's. A second series of 12 large cards soon followed.

No.   Title                   Classification

  1   Polar Bear              Ursus maritmus
  2   American Bison          Bos bison
  3   Asiatic Elephant        Elephas maximus
  4   Gorilla                 Anthropopithecus gorilla
  5   Hippopotamus            Hippopotamus amphibius
  6   Black Leopard           Felis pardus
  7   Snow Leopard or Ounce   Felis uncia
  8   Lion                    Felis leo
  9   Proboscis Monkey        Nasalis larvatus
 10   King-Penguins           Aptenodytes pennanti
 11   Pumas                   Felis concolor
 12   Tiger                   Felis tigris

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