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Natural History
John Player & Sons - 1924

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and share some pictures and
text with two large-format 12-card sets also issued by Player in 1924.  Many
thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Title                            Classification

 1    American Alligator               Alligator mississippiensis
 2    Alpaca                           Lama pacos
 3    Klipspringer Antelope            Oreotragus saltator
 4    Sable Antelope                   Hippotragus niger
 5    Sing-Sing Antelope or Waterbuck  Cobus defassa
 6    Apteryx or Kiwi                  Apteryx maxima
 7    Polar Bear                       Ursus martimus
 8    American Bison                   Bos bison
 9    Indian Water Buffalo             Bos bubalis
10    Arabian Camel                    Camelus dromedarius
11    Bactrian Camel                   Camelus bactrianus
12    Cassowary                        Casuarius australis
13    Chameleon                        Chamæleon vulgaris
14    Crested Eagle                    Spizaëtus coronatus
15    African Sea-Eagle                Haliaëtus vocifer
16    Echidna                          Echidna aculeata
17    Eland                            Taurotragus oryx
18    Asiatic Elephant                 Elephas maximus
19    Emeu                             Dromæs novæ-hollandiæ
20    Giraffe                          Giraffa camelopardalis
21    White-Tailed Gnu                 Connochœtes gnu
22    Gorilla                          Anthropopithecus gorilla
23    Hippopotamus                     Hippopotamus amphibius
24    Great Kangaroo                   Macropus giganteus
25    Black Leopard                    Felis pardus
26    Snow Leopard or Ounce            Felis uncia
27    Lion                             Felis leo
28    Steller's Sea Lion               Otaria stelleri
29    Llama                            Lama glama
30    Japanese Monkey                  Macacus fuscatus
31    Proboscis Monkey                 Nasalis larvatus
32    Macaques                         Macacus cynomolgus
33    Great Eagle-Owl                  Bubo ignavus
34    Indian Ox or Zebu                Bos indicus
35    Crested Pelican                  Pelecanus crispus
36    White Pelican                    Pelecanus onocrotalus
37    King-Penguins                    Aptenodytes pennanti
38    Duckbilled-Platypus              Ornithorhynchus anatinus
39    Pumas                            Felis concolor
40    Rhea                             Rhea americana
41    Indian Rhinoceros                Rhinoceros unicornis
42    Common Seal                      Phoca vitulina
43    Brazilian Tapir                  Tapirus terrestris
44    Malayan Tapir                    Tapirus indicus
45    Tiger                            Felis tigris
46    Griffon Vulture                  Gyps fulvus
47    Bennett's Walaby                 Macropus ruficollis
48    Wapiti                           Cervus canadensis
49    Yak                              Bos grunniens
50    Mountain Zebra                   Equus zebra

©2001, 2002 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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