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Life in the Tree Topps
Wills's Cigarettes - 1925

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

  1   Long-Eared Bats
  2   Noctule Bats and Young
  3   Teeth of Bat
  4   Buzzard Seizing Prey
  5   Buzzards and Family
  6   Young Buzzards
  7   Carrion Crow and Young
  8   Young Crow
  9   Sparrow-Hawk and Family
 10   Sparrow-Hawks
 11   Sparrow-Hawk Plucking her Quarry
 12   Arrival of the Sparrow-Hawk with Rations
 13   Sparrow-Hawk Feeding the Young
 14   Early Spring in the Heronry (Herons at Rest)
 15   Heron's Nest and Occupants
 16   Young Herons at Home (Photograph by Rabbit)
 17   Young Herons await the Arrival of their Parent
 18   Return of the Parent Heron
 19   Arrival of the Parent Heron at the Nest
 20   Young Herons Awaiting the Meal
 21   The Heron Family - Feeding Time
 22   Male Hobby
 23   Female Hobby at the Nest
 24   Young Hobbies in their Wind-swept Home
 25   Jay Feeding Young
 26   Male Jay at the Nest
 27   Male Kestrel Brooding
 28   Young Kestrels
 29   Kestrel Plucking its Prey
 30   Kestrel with Food for the Family
 31   Merlin at Home
 32   Merlin with Tail Outspread
 33   Little Owl
 34   Little Owl - "All Clear?"
 35   Long-Eared Owl
 36   Long-Eared Owl Brooding
 37   Young Long-Eared Owl Displaying
 38   Young Long-Eared Owl Leaving Home
 39   Tawny Owl Leaving Nesting-Hole
 40   Young Tawny Owl
 41   Battle in the Tree-tops
 42   Rook Elevating her Feathers
 43   Food Pouch of Rook
 44   Rook and Family
 45   Grey Squirrel
 46   Red Squirrel
 47   Green Woodpecker
 48   Greater Spotted Woodpecker at Nesting-Hole
 49   Greater Spotted Woodpecker Feeding Young
 50   Observation Post

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