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Ships' Badges
   Wills's Cigarettes - 1925
   Reprinted 2000 - Card Collectors Society

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks much to Kyle DeRoy for the
original checklist!

No.   Ship                                               Motto

  1   Benbow. Battleship, 25,000 tons                    Usque Ad Finem
  2   Centurion. Battleship, 23,000 tons                 One in a Hundred
  3   Queen Elizabeth. Battleship, 27,500 tons           Semper Eadem
  4   Revenge. Battleship, 25,750 tons                   Intaminatis Fuiget Honoribus
  5   Royal Sovereign. Battleship, 25,750 tons           Ducere Classem Regem Sequi
  6   Thunderer. Battleship, 22,500 tons                 Fulmen Eripimus Jovi
  7   Hood. Battle Cruiser, 41,200 tons                  Ventis Secundis
  8   Repulse. Battle Cruiser, 26,500 tons               Qui Tangit Frangatur
  9   Cambrian. Light Cruiser, 3,750 tons                Parvus Pars Magna
 10   Capetown. Light Cruiser, 4,190 tons                Spes Bona
 11   Carlisle. Light Cruiser, 4,190 tons                Be Just and Fear Not
 12   Centaur. Light Cruiser, 3,750 tons                 Celeriter Ferox
 13   Ceres. Light Cruiser, 4,190 tons                   Harvest Betimes
 14   Concord. Light Cruiser, 3,750 tons                 Peace With Honour
 15   Conquest. Light Cruiser, 3,750 tons                Nomine Fidemus
 16   Coventry. Light Cruiser, 4,190 tons                Fortis Fert Securitatem
 17   Despatch. Light Cruiser, 4,765 tons                Festina Sed Non Lente
 18   Frobisher. Light Cruiser, 9,750 tons               Semper Triumphans
 19   Vindictive. Light Cruiser, 9,750 tons              Vindicavi
 20   Yarmouth. Light Cruiser, 5,250 tons                Rex Et Nostra Jura
 21   Mackay. Flotilla Leader, 1,800 tons                Manu Forti
 22   Shakespeare. Flotilla Leader, 1,750 tons           By Opposing End Them
 23   Spenser. Flotilla Leader, 1,750 tons               Everywhere Be Bolde
 24   Splendid. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,075 tons       Splendide Audax 
 25   Stuart. Flotilla Leader, 1,800 tons                By Honour Flourish
 26   Telemachus. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,065 tons     Per Me Tutus
 27   Vansittart. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,325 tons     Grata Quies Si Merita
 28   Velox. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,300 tons          Swift to Avenge
 29   Venomous. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,325 tons       Hostibus Nocens, Innocens Amicis
 30   Verdun. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,300 tons         On Ne Passe Pas
 31   Verity. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,325 tons         Prevalebit
 32   Veteran. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,325 tons        Laudator Temporis Acti
 33   Wakeful. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,300 tons        Si Dormiam Capiar
 34   Wallace. Flotilla Leader, 1,750 tons               Pro Patria
 35   Walpole. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,300 tons        Fari Quae Sentias
 36   Warwick. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,300 tons        Ea Nostra Vocamus
 37   Westminster. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,300 tons    Pro Populo Et Gloria
 38   Whitshed. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,325 tons       Libertas Et Natala Solum
 39   Witherington. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,325 tons   I Will Not Fail
 40   Wivern. Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1,325 tons         Beware
 41   Ambrose. Submarine Depôt Ship, 6,600 tons          De Profundis Adsumus
 42   Argus. Aircraft Carrier, 14,450 tons               Oculi Omnium
 43   Blenheim. Depôt Ship, 9,000 tons                   Amat Victoria Curam
 44   Blue-Bell. Sloop, 1,200 tons                       Ring True
 45   Kellett. Surveying Vessel, 800 tons                Auxilium Ab Alto
 46   Laburnum. Sloop, 1,200 tons                        Ready for Action
 47   Maidstone. Submarine Depôt Ship, 3,600 tons        Urbis Fortuna Navis
 48   Pandora. Submarine Depôt Ship, 4,530 tons          Hope On, Hope Ever
 49   Pegasus. Aircraft Carrier, 3,070 tons              Excelsior
 50   Snapdragon. Sloop, 1,250 tons                      Gedemus Numquam

©2001, 2003 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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