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Trainers, and Owners' Colours, 1st Series
   Ogden's Cigarettes - 1925

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Trainer                  Owner

  1   Mr. F. C. Archer         Mr. D. C. Goold
  2   Mr. H. Bazley            Mr. H. Beckett
  3   Mr. G. Blackwell         Mr. S. Sanford
  4   Mr. C. Boyd-Rochfort     Mr. Marshall Field
  5   Mr. F. Darling           Lord Woolavington
  6   Mr. R. Day               Sir Abe Bailey
  7   Mr. P. Purcell Gilpin    Lt. Col. G. Loder
  8   Mr. Basil Jarvis         Mr. J. P. Hornung
  9   Mr. J. Jarvis            Lord Rosebery
 10   Mr. W. R. Jarvis         H.M. The King
 11   Hon. G. Lambton          Lord Derby
 12   Mr. F. Leach, Senr.      Col. C. Birkin
 13   Mr. T. Leader            Mr. J. C. Bulteel
 14   Mr. P. Peck              Lord Durham
 15   Mr. H.S. Persse          Duke of Westminster
 16   Mr. Alf. Sadler, Junr.   Mr. P. Ralli
 17   Mr. H. Sadler            Lord Penrhyn
 18   Mr. R. L. V. Sherwood    Capt. J. G. R. Homfray
 19   Mr. Alec Taylor          Lord Astor
 20   Mr. W. Walters           Mr. J. C. Sharp
 21   Mr. John Watson          Mr. A. de Rothschild
 22   Mr. C. Waugh             Mr. F. Luscombe
 23   Mr. D. Waugh             Sir E. Hulton
 24   Mr. W. Waugh             Lord Coventry
 25   Sir Robert Wilmot        Lord Wyfold

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