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British Royal and Ancient Buildings, 2nd Series
Westminster Tobacco Co. Ltd. - 1926

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and feature photographic 
scenes. Thanks much to John Rand for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   St Mary's Hall, Coventry
  2   The Cellarium, Fountains Abbey
  3   Abbey Gate, Bury St, Edmunds
  4   Abbot's Bridge, Bury St, Edmunds
  5   Durham Cathedral Door, North Side
  6   Jew's House, Lincoln
  7   John Knox's House, Edinburgh
  8   Guy's Mill, Warwick
  9   Dr Johnson's House, Lichfield
 10   Dick Wittington's Store, Highgate Hill
 11   Brompton Oratory, London
 12   Staple Inn, Through the Old Gateway
 13   Old Houses, Lincoln's Inn
 14   The Old Mill, Ambleside
 15   St John's Gate, Smithfield
 16   Priory Row, Coventry
 17   Norman Porch, Adel Church, Leeds
 18   The Gavel, Hastings
 19   Old House, Sheep Street, Wellingborough
 20   Ancient House, Ipswich
 21   Ford's Hospital, Coventry
 22   Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey
 23   Micklegate Bar, York
 24   Fox's Chest, Ulverston
 25   Big Tom, Oxford
 26   Lichfield Cathedral, West Front
 27   Stonhenge, Wilts
 28   Shakespeare's House, Stratford-on-Avon
 29   Old Hall, Lincoln's Inn
 30   Ancient Gateway, St Bart's Hospital, London
 31   God's Providence House, Chester
 32   Old Houses in Holborn
 33   The Nave, Fountains Abbey
 34   Grasmere Church
 35   Holborn, The Old Hall, Staple Inn
 36   Cleopatra's Needle, Embankment, London
 37   Old Water Gate, Embankment, London
 38   The Old Market Cross, Chichester
 39   Room in which Shakespeare was Born
 40   Lincoln Cathedral, SE Porch
 41   Furness Abbey
 42   City Walls and Minster, York
 43   King Charles I. Tower, Chester
 44   Chelsea Royal Hospital
 45   Kirkstall Abbey
 46   Chequers
 47   Bow Church, Cheapside, London
 48   Gabled Houses, Cloth Fair, London

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©2006 John Rand, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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