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Footballers (Caricatures by "RIP")
   Player's Cigarettes - 1926

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". Several different sets with
similar names were produced at about the same time; this set features carica-
tures by "RIP."  Thanks much to Kyle DeRoy for the original list!

No.   Title                       Team(s)

Football (Soccer)

  1   Banjamin Howard Baker       Corinthians and Chelsea
  2   Frank Barson                Manchester United
  3   H. Bedford                  Derby County
  4   Charles Murray Buchan       Arsenal
  5   Norman Bullock              Bury
  6   Harry Chambers              Liverpool
  7   A. Chandler                 Centre forward - Leicester City
  8   Sam. Chedgzoy               Everton
  9   J. Crosbie                  Birmingham
 10   Len. Davies                 Cardiff City
 11   James Dimmock               Tottenham Hotspur
 12   Willie Edwards              Leeds United
 13   Hugh Gallacher              Newcastle United
 14   William Gillespie           Sheffield United
 15   J. H. Hill                  Burnley
 16   Albert Iremonger            Lincoln City
 17   Robert Kelly                Sunderland
 18   J. McClelland               Middlesbrough
 19   Richard H. Pym              Bolton Wanderers
 20   Frank Roberts               Manchester City
 21   Moses Russell               Plymouth Argyle
 22   J. E. Townrow               Clapton Orient
 23   Edward T. Vizard            Bolton Wanderers
 24   Samuel J. Wadsworth         Huddersfield
 25   William Henry Walker        Aston Villa

Rugby Football

 26   J. M. Bannerman             Glasgow High School F.P & Scotland
 27   W. F. Browne                Harlequins, United Services, Army & Ireland
 28   G. S. Conway                Fettes, Cambridge & England
 29   L. J. Corbett               Bristol, Gloucestershire & England
 30   W. E. Crawford              Lansdown & Ireland
 31   D. J. Cussen                Dublin University & Ireland
 32   W. J. A. Davies             Navy & England
 33   W. J. Delahay               Bridgend, Cardiff & Wales
 34   D. Drysdale                 Oxford, Heriot's F.P. & Scotland
 35   A. L. Gracie                Harlequins, Manchester & Scotland
 36   W. Rowe Harding             Swansea, Cambrdige & Wales
 37   C. A. Kershaw               Navy & England
 38   H. J. Kittermaster          Oxford, Harlequins & England
 39   C. N. Lowe, Cambridge       R.A.F. & England
 40   W. G. E. Luddington         Devonport Services, Navy & England
 41   D. J. MacMyn                Cambridge, London Scottish & Scotland
 42   E. Myers                    Bradford & England
 43   Idris Richards              Cardiff & Wales
 44   A. M. Smallwood             Leicester, Cambridge & England
 45   G. V. Stephenson            Queen's University & Ireland
 46   M. Sugden                   Wanderers, Dublin University & Ireland
 47   A. T. Voyce                 Gloucester & England
 48   H. Waddell                  Glasgow Academicals & Scotland 
 49   William Wavell Wakefield    Harlequins
 50   A. T. Young                 Cambridge, Blackheath & England

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