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From Plantation to Smoker
Player's Cigarettes - 1926

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

 1    Home of Virginia Planter.
 2    Examining Tobacco Plant Bed.
 3    Removing Tobacco Plants from Bed.
 4    Transplanting Tobacco.
 5    Cultivating Tobacco.
 6    Topping Tobacco.
 7    Ripe Tobacco Ready for Cutting.
 8    Harvesting Tobacco.
 9    Harvesting Tobacco.
10    Tobacco Curing Barns.
11    Delivering Tobacco at Curing Barn.
12    Farmer Unloading Tobacco at Sales Warhouse.
13    Tobacco Sales Warehouse.
14    Unloading Tobacco at an I.T.C. Factory.
15    Receiving and Re-weighing Purchases.
16    Sorting Tobacco.
17    Hand Stemming Room.
18    Tobacco Stemming Machines.
19    Hanging Leaf Tobacco on Sticks.
20    Feed End of Drying Machine.
21    Delivery End of Drying Machine.
22    Uncasing Prized Tobacco for Examination.
23    Loading Tobacco at Norfolk, Virginia.
24    A Cutting Room.
25    A Cigarette Machine Room.
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