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The Greyhound Racing Game
   Carreras, Ltd. - 1926 (regular size)
   Carreras, Ltd. - 1926 (oversize)

Notes: Cards in the regular-size addition are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8" 
with rounded corners; the oversized series cards are approximately 3-1/16" 
x 2-7/16" with rounded corners.  Card backs are all the same.

No.   Title          Character/scene

  1   Whip           red top hat, facing left
  2   Whip           black, leaning on fence
  3   Whip           red, looking over left shoulder
  4   Whip           black, looking over left shoulder
  5   Whip           red top hat, in rain
  6   Whip           black, walking right
  7   Whip           red top hat skinny, facing right
  8   Whip           black, facing left
  9   Whip           red top hat, monacle
 10   Whip           black, facing right
 11   Whip           red top hat portly, facing right
 12   Whip           black, right hand to head
 13   Whip           red top hat mustache, looking over L shoulder
 14   Whip           black, applying makeup
 15   Whip           red, lighting cigarette
 16   Obstacle       rail gate, red top hat
 17   Obstacle       rail fence, trees behind
 18   Obstacle       rail hurdle, houses behind
 19   Obstacle       picket fence, yellow and brown
 20   Obstacle       rail fence and pool
 21   Obstacle       rail hurdle, long track
 22   Obstacle       rail fence, black and red
 23   Obstacle       hurdle and pool, hurdle
 24   Obstacle       picket fence, bushes and trees
 25   Obstacle       rail fence, brook and tree
 26   Obstacle       rail hurdle, curving track
 27   Obstacle       rail fence, brook and tree, dog
 28   Obstacle       rail hurdle with bushes, potted plant
 29   Obstacle       rail and picket fence, red and black
 30   Obstacle       high-bank stream, rail fence
 31   Obstacle       rail fence, another in distance
 32   Dog            Pekinese, face forward
 33   Dog            Pekinese, slight right profile
 34   Dog            White Terrier
 35   Dog            Spaniel
 36   Dog            Hound
 37   Dog            Black Terrier
 38   Dog            Pekinese, brown
 39   Dog            White English Bulldog
 40   Dog            Brown English Bulldog
 41   Dog            Shepherd
 42   Greyhound      "Mona"
 43   Greyhound      "Lion Heart"
 44   Greyhounds     two, facing forward
 45   Greyhound      "Rover"
 46   Greyhounds     four, facing right
 47   Greyhound      "Mayflower"
 48   Greyhounds     two chasing rabbit
 49   Greyhound      "Black Eyed Susan"
 50   Greyhounds     two, blue and red
 51   Greyhounds     three, facing right
 52   Hare           running left

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