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Do You Know? - 3rd Series
Wills's Cigarettes - 1926

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

  1   what "Ancient Lights" are?
  2   what an Artesian Well is?
  3   what Asbestos is?
  4   what "Book-works" are?
  5   what a Boomerang is?
  6   what a Cenotaph is?
  7   the origin of the Christmas-Tree?
  8   how the Clothes Moth damages clothes?
  9   what a Comet is?
 10   the origin of the Brass Crescents on Harness?
 11   what a Tasmanian Devil is?
 12   why Water runs off a Duck's back?
 13   the origin of the "Flying Dutchman?"
 14   why a Dog turns round before lying down?
 15   what causes an Echo?
 16   what an Electric Eel is?
 17   the cause of "Fairy Rings"?
 18   the cause of the White Marks on our Finger-Nails?
 19   what a Devil-Fish is?
 20   what causes Fog?
 21   why some Furniture Creaks at Night?
 22   why we sometimes become Giddy in high places?
 23   why the Glutton is so called?
 24   what Gossamer is?
 25   why Liquids Gurgle when poured from a Bottle?
 26   how far away the Horizon is?
 27   what a Laughing-Jackass is?
 28   how an Automatic Cigarette Lighter works?
 29   what a Loofah is?
 30   the origin of the Mantelpiece?
 31   what the Milky Way is?
 32   why Coins have Milled Edges?
 33   why the Mocking-Bird is so called?
 34   the origin of the word Museum?
 35   how the Nettle stings?
 36   why Oil calms Rough Water?
 37   the cause of the Sea's Phosphorescence?
 38   what Pumice Stone is?
 39   why Reflections on water appear to follow us?
 40   why Safety-Matches are safe?
 41   which is the true Shamrock?
 42   why a Squib explodes with a bang?
 43   why Steam puts out a Flame?
 44   why Telegraph Wires hum?
 45   what the so-called "Thunderbolt" is?
 46   what Time Zones are?
 47   the origin of the Toby Jug?
 48   why a Violin String produces many notes?
 49   what causes a Whirlpool?
 50   the cause of "Wormholes" in Wood?

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