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Pirates and Highwaymen
   Lambert & Butler - 1926
Reprinted 2001 - Card Collectors Society

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the 
original list and to Gerry King for reprint information!

No.   Title                    Subtitle

  1   Jerry Abershaw           Abershaw on Putney Heath
  2   Captain Avery            Riding the Great Mogul's Ship
  3   Major Stede Bonnet       Bonnet's Escape from Charleston
  4   Anne Bonny               Anne Firing on the Men
  5   "Clever Tom Clinch"      At teh "Bowl," Holborn
  6   Grizel Cochrane          Robbing His Majesty's Mail, 1686
  7   Captain John Davis       The Sack of Nicaragua
  8   William Davis            The "Golden Farmer" and the Tinker
  9   Claude Duval             The Dance on Hounslow Heath
 10   Pierre le Grand          The Capture of the Vice-Admiral
 11   Hawkins and Sympson      Robbing the Bristol Mail
 12   Captain Kidd             At the Bar of the House of Commons
 13   Maclaine and Plunkett    Robbing the Earl of Eglinton
 14   Sir Henry Morgan - 1     The Defeat of the Spanish Ships
 15   Sir Henry Morgan - 2     The Capture of Panama
 16   John Nevison             "Swift Nicks" before Charles II
 17   L'Olonnois               The Capture of the Governor's Ship, Cuba
 18   Bartholomew Portugues    The Escape through the Swamps
 19   Mary Read                The Duel
 20   Captain Roberts          Roberts's Ship at Sierra Leone
 21   Thomas Simpson           "Old Man Robbing the duchess of Portsmouth
 22   Dick Turpin - 1          Turpin's Cave, Epping
 23   Dick Turpin - 2          "The Ride to York"
 24   The Brothers Weston      The Escape from Newgate
 25   Huffum White             The Escape from the Hulks

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