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Roses, A Series  [Different]
Wills's Cigarettes - 1926

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". This series features different
pictures and text from the 1912 sets by the same name and issuing company

No.   Variety                    Type

  1   Blush Rambler              Climbing Polyantha
  2   British Queen              Hybrid Tea
  3   Captain F. S. Harveycant   Hybrid Tea
  4   Caroline Testout           Hybrid Tea
  5   Chastity                   Climbing Hybrid Tea
  6   Cissie Easlea              Pernetiana
  7   Comte G. de Rochemur       Hybrid Tea
  8   Coral Cluster              Polyantha
  9   Covent Garden              Hybrid Tea
 10   Emma Wright                Hybrid Tea
 11   Excelsa                    Wichuraiana
 12   Flame of Fire              Pernetiana
 13   The General                Hybrid Tea
 14   General McArthur           Hybrid Tea
 15   Golden Emblem              Pernetiana
 16   Gorgeous                   Hybrid Tea
 17   Henry Nevard               Hybrid Perpetual
 18   Hugh Dickson               Hybrid Perpetual
 19   Independence Day           Pernetiana
 20   J. B. Clark                Hybrid Tea
 21   Jessie                     Polyantha
 22   Lady Alice Stanley         Hybrid Tea
 23   Lady Ashtown               Hybrid Tea
 24   Lady Gay                   Wichuraiana
 25   Lady Hillingdon            Tea
 26   Lady Inchiquin             Hybrid Tea
 27   Lady Pirrie                Hybrid Tea
 28   Lady Roberts               Tea
 29   Los Angeles                Hybrid Tea
 30   Mabel Morse                Pernetiana
 31   Mme. Abel Chatenay         Hybrid Tea
 32   Madama Edouard Herriot     Pernetiana
 33   Madama Ravary              Hybrid Tea
 34   Melody                     Hybrid Tea
 35   Mrs. Alfred West           Hybrid Tea
 36   Mrs. Bertram J. Walker     Hybrid Tea
 37   Mrs. Charles Lamplough     Hybrid Tea
 38   Mrs. George Sawyer         Hybrid Tea
 39   Mrs. F. S. Harvey-Cant     Hybrid Tea
 40   Mrs. Henry Morse           Hybrid Tea
 41   Mrs. H. R. Darlington      Hybrid Tea
 42   Mrs. Wemyss Quin           Pernetiana
 43   Muriel Adamson             Hybrid Tea
 44   National Emblem            Hybrid Tea
 45   Ophelia                    Hybrid Tea
 46   Premier                    Hybrid Tea
 47   Prince Charming            Hybrid Tea
 48   The Queen Alexandra Rose   Pernetiana
 49   La Reine Elizabeth         Polyantha
 50   Severine                   Pernetiana

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