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British Butterflies
Wills's Cigarettes - 1927
    Reprinted 1996 - Imperial Publishing

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks much to Kyle DeRoy
for the original checklist!

No.   Title                             Classification

  1   Red Admiral                       Pyrameis atalanta
  2   White Admiral                     Limenitis sibylla
  3   Scotch Argus                      Erebia æthips
  4   Adonis Blue                       Lycæna bellargus
  5   Chalk-Hill Blue                   Lycæna coridon
  6   Common Blue                       Lycæna icarus
  7   Holly Blue                        Cyaniris argiolus
  8   Large Blue                        Nomiades arion
  9   Mazarine Blue                     Zizera semiargus
 10   Silver-Studded Blue               Lycæna ægon
 11   Small Blue                        Zizera minima
 12   Brimstone                         Gonepteryx rhamni
 13   Black-Veined Brown                Anosia plexippus
 14   Hedge Brown                       Epinephele tithonus
 15   Meadow Brown                      Epinephele ianira
 16   Camberwell Beauty                 Euranessa antiopa
 17   Comma                             Polygonia c. album
 18   Large Copper                      Chrysophanus dispar
 19   Small Copper                      Chrysophanus phlæas
 20   Dark Green Fritillary             Argynnis aglaia
 21   Glanville Fritillary              Melitæa cinxia
 22   Heath Fritillary                  Melitæa athalia
 23   High Brown Fritillary             Argynnis adippe
 24   Marsh Fritillary                  Melitæa aurinea
 25   Pearl-Bordered Fritillary         Argynnis euphrosyne
 26   Queen of Spain Fritillary         Argynnis lathonia
 27   Silver Washed Fritillary          Argynnis paphia
 28   Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary   Argynnis selene
 29   Grayling                          Satyrus semele
 30   Brown Hairstreak                  Zephyrus betulæ
 31   Purple Hairstreak                 Thecla quercus
 32   Orange Tip                        Euchloe cardamines
 33   Painted Lady                      Pyrameis cardui
 34   Peacock                           Vanessa io
 35   Ringlet                           Epinephele hyperanthus
 36   Purple Emperor                    Apatura iris
 37   Speckled Wood                     Pararge egeria
 38   Swallow-Tail                      Papilio machaon
 39   Large Tortoiseshell               Euranessa polychlorus
 40   Small Tortoiseshell               Vanessa urticæ
 41   Wall                              Pararge inegæra
 42   Bath White                        Pieris daplidice
 43   Black-Veined White                Aporia crataegi
 44   Green-Veined White                Pieris napi
 45   Large White                       Pieris brassicæ
 46   Marbled White                     Melanargia galatea
 47   Small White                       Pieris rapæ
 48   Wood White                        Leucophasia sinapis
 49   Clouded Yellow                    Colias edusa
 50   Pale Clouded Yellow               Colias hyale

©2001, 2002 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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