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Wild Animals' Heads
John Player & Sons - 1927

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Images are transferred from
paintings by Arthur Wardle.

No.   Title                      Classification

 1    The Sable Antelope.        Hippotragus niger
 2    The Argali.                Ovis ammon
 3    The Badger.                Meles taxus
 4    The Grizzly Bear.          Ursus horribilis
 5    The Polar Bear.            Thalarctos maritimus
 6    The Beisa.                 Oryx beisa
 7    The American Bison.        Bison bison
 8    The Wild Boar.             Sus scrofa
 9    The African Buffalo.       Bos caffer
10    The Wild White Bull.       Bos taurus
11    The Bactrian Camel.        Camelus bactrianus
12    The Wild Cat.              Felis catus
13    The Chamois.               Rupicapra tragus
14    The Cheetah.               Cynaelurus jubatus
15    The Chimpanzee.            Anthropopithecus troglodytes
16    The Fallow-Deer.           Dama dama
17    The Red Deer.              Cercus elaphus
18    The Wapiti.                Cervus canadensis
19    The Eland.                 Taurotragus oryx
20    The African Elephant.      Elephas africanus
21    The Indian Elephant.       Elephas maximus
22    The Fennec.                Vulpes zerda
23    The Common Fox.            Vulpes vulpes
24    Grant's Gazelle.           Gazella granti
25    The Giraffe.               Giraffa camelopardalis
26    The Gnu.                   Connochaetes taurinus
27    The Rocky Mountain Goat.   Oreamnus montanus
28    The Gorilla.               Gorilla gorilla
29    The Hippopotamus.          Hippopotamus amphibius
30    The Jackal.                Canis aureus
31    The Jaguar.                Felis onca
32    The Kangaroo.              Macropus giganteus
33    The Lesser Kudu.           Strepsiceros imberbis
34    The Leopard.               Felis pardus
35    The Lion.                  Felis leo
36    The Lynx.                  Felis (Lynx) lynx
37    The Markhor.               Capra falconeri
38    The Moose.                 Alces machlis americanus
39    The Nilgai.                Boselaphus tragocamelus
40    The Puma.                  Felis concolor
41    The African Rhinoceros.    Rhinoceros bicornis
42    The Indian Rhinoceros.     Rhinoceros unicornis
43    The Sambar.                Cervus unicolor
44    The Snow-Leopard.          Felis uncia
45    The Springbok.             Antidorcas euchore
46    The Tiger.                 Felis tigris
47    The Walrus.                Odobaenus rosmarus
48    The Wolf.                  Canis lupus
49    The Yak.                   Poëphagus grunniens
50    Grévy's Zebra.             Equus grevyi

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