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Modes of Conveyance
   Wills's Cigarettes (Overseas) - 1927
   Reprinted 1981: Newton Abbot

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". They were reproduced in 1981 
together with four other series of cigarette cards, with an album "Travel and 
Transport." Many thanks to Pieter van der Zwaart for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   South Africa: Cape Cart and Oxen
  2   Alaska: Reindeer Sledges
  3   Algeria: Camel Bassour
  4   Assyria: Hunting-Chariot
  5   South Australia: Camel-Team and Wagon
  6   Belgium: Dog-Team and Milk-Cart
  7   Burma: Carriage and Pair of Oxen
  8   Canada: Dog-Team and Sledge
  9   Ceylon: Bullock Cart
 10   Chile: Country Cart
 11   Egypt: Native Cart
 12   Great Britain: Chaise and Pair
 13   Great Britain: Royal State Coach
 14   Great Britain: Stage Coach
 15   India: Eckas
 16   India: Elephant Howdah, State Procession
 17   India: Elephant Howdah, Tiger-Hunting
 18   India: Rath of Chariot
 19   Japan: Jinrickshas
 20   Malay States: Bullock Cart
 21   Rome: Chariot Race
 22   Russia: Troika
 23   Sicily: Cart going to a Festa, Palermo
 24   Turkey: Travelling Carriage
 25   U.S.A.: Mail Coach

 --   Travel and Transport (card album for reprint collection)

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