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Museum Series (oversized)
   Nicolas Sarony & Co. - 1927
Museum Series (regular sized)
   Nicolas Sarony & Co. - 1927

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2-1/2" x 3", with two holes punched at the left.
These holes supported the offer on the card backs: "After collecting numbers 1-25,
send your set to Nicolas Sarony & Co. to be bound in an artistic cover, free of cost
to yourself." Four different editions were issued, in Great Britain; Australia; New 
Zealand; and as a special "presentation issue." The regular-cigarette-card-sized 
versions (1-1/2" x 2-3/4") were issued in Britain and in New Zealand. Cards feature 
photographic images on card fronts and descriptive text on backs.

No.   Title                           Location

  1   The British Museum              British Museum
  2   The Portland Vase               British Museum
  3   The Elgin Marbles               British Museum
  4   The Rosetta Stone               British Museum
  5   The Royal Gold Cup              British Museum
  6   The First Folio                 British Museum
  7   The Parthenon Frieze            British Museum
  8   Egyptian and Greek Music        British Museum
  9   Mummified Cats                  British Museum
 10   Relics of Babylon               British Museum
 11   Julius Cæsar; Rameses II        British Museum
 12   Jury Tickets, 500 B.C.          British Museum
 13   Egyptian Toilet Box             British Museum
 14   War-God and Devil-Dance Masks   British Museum
 15   Greek and Roman School Work     British Museum
 16   Egyptian Model Boats            British Museum
 17   Egyptian and Greek Toys         British Museum
 18   The London Museum               London Museum
 19   Roman Galley                    London Museum
 20   Old London Bridge               London Museum
 21   Early Fire Appliances           London Museum
 22   Pedlar's Pack                   London Museum
 23   Tally Sticks and Steelyard      London Museum
 24   Lights of Roman London          London Museum
 25   The London Apprentice           London Museum

--    (Artistic Cover, binding)

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